Unmoored (1994-present): a Death Metal band from Skovde, Sweden.


n the spring of 1994, Christian Alvestam (guitar), Rickard Larsson (guitar) and Torbjorn Ohrling (bass), due to common musical pursuits, decided to create their own melodic death metal band and so formed Unmoored. There was also a drummer but he left almost immediately. Their first demo, Wood Chuck Tune, recorded with the help of a drum machine, stood more as a lesson learned then a milestone of accomplishment, but in the spring of 1995 Niclas Wahlen joined their team as drummer and that changed their outlook. In The Shadows Of The Obscure (1995) was the resulting recording by the completed line-up that summer. Unlike their previous attempts, brutality was not their focus, instead harmonics and dynamics prevailed; thus far, however, both of the demos failed to impress the band. It would be their third and final demo recording that not only solidified their sound but also got them a record deal. More To The Story Than Meets The Eye was well received when it was released in the summer of 1996.

In 1997 their premier full-length album, Cimmerian, was recorded but due to delays it didn't hit the streets until 1999. During this time the band went through some changes of their own by loosing their drummer, and replacing him with Jocke Pattersson (a.k.a. Morth; co-producer on the Cimmerian album); his experience as drummer for Thy Primordial and Dawn reinforced the band during their preparation for their second album, Kingdoms Of Greed, which would be subsequently recorded in two weeks during October of 1999.

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Älvestam and Petterson would also become members of death metal band Solar Dawn. By 2003 Christian Älvestam and Unmoored credited drummer Henrik Schönström and united with Edge Of Sanity and Infestdead singer Andreas "Dread" Axelsson, Pan-Thy-Monium and Ashes guitarist Robert Ivarsson, and Solar Dawn bassist Anders Edlund to create the new death metal band, Incapa.

Kingdoms of Greed (2000) would follow.

guitarist Tomas Johansson rejoined Unmorred in 2003 for a new studio album called Indefinite Soul-Extension, released by the Italian 'Code666' label. During 2003 Christian Älvestam and Henrik Schönström were also featured in the death/thrash metal project Torchbearer. The following year Älvestam would be found fronting Jonas Kjellgren's Scar Symmetry band for their Symmetric In Design debut.

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Dashboard for Unmoored

Nation Sweden
Location Skovde
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1994-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address Unmoored. C/O. Christian
Alvestam. Trungatan 2A
541 40 Skovde, Sweden
Diskery ID 44

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