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Beowulf (1976-1980, 1983): a Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.


hortly before 1980 John Croswell (vocals), Chuck Gauld (guitar), Kevin Byron (guitar), Keith Delaney (drums) and Pat McBride (bass) got together to record an album of early pre-Iron Maiden influenced pop infused NWOBHM titled Slice of Life (1980). Considering the time in which it was recorded the album was not revolutionary but at least a descent effort. The album made it to less than hit status and they have been silent since except for a 14 track demo in 1983 that appears to have gone nowhere.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Beowulf with the thrash metal Venice, California outfit by the same name done in association with members of Suicidal Tendencies. Although other albums bearing the name "Beowulf" dating as far back as this band have been found around the world, there is yet no evidence showing a link to this original act.
Footnote: In the very early days the band featured members: B.F. (bass/vocals), Martin (drums) and Roman (guitars).
Footnote: "Beowulf" is the name given to a mythical creature that fights evil and the devil.

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