Jane Doe 69


Jane Doe 69 (1993-2001): a Metalcore band from Turenki, Finland.


he Finnish four piece Jane Doe 69 (the '69' being added soon after their formation) formed in 1993 consisting of Mikko Paulin (vocals), Mika Saynajoki (guitar), Mika Saynajoki (guitar), Ilkka Lehtonen (drums), Erno Hyvättinen (bass) and Tuomas Kuusinen (guitar) with the intent on making heavy as hell, aggressive music with "melodies and harmonies here and there", as their media booklet so eloquently pointed out. They were also quick to note that they had "bashed skulls and poked eyeballs" all over Finland, and were intent on playing gigs outside their native land.

After several demo attempts and the release of Neckpunishment EP in 1997, their breakout effort was the four track Scars (1999) shortly after assuming their present name. It was a heavy as hell, anger filled hardcore metal blast of noise that was simple and raw but nonetheless effective. Snakeskin (2000), their sophomore effort, was also an EP but was much more refined. It contained more complex musical structures and quality without sacrificing the hardness of its predecessor. Kimmo Länsikylä would join on guitar, replacing the departing Mika Saynajoki before the release of Solid (2001). Solid, yet another EP (they recorded EP's because they got a better deal from the CD manufacturer apparently) was further refined from the two previous attempts, but less complex then Snakeskin.

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The band also appeared at several local festivals not to mention the 'Eclipse Records' Metal Underground 2000 CD compilation and the Fresh Meat compilation. Sometime after the release of Solid the band was not heard from again.

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Dashboard for Jane Doe 69

Nation Finland
Location Turenki
Genre Metalcore
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-2001
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address Jane Doe. Ohrapolku 6,
14200 Turenki. Finland
Diskery ID 41

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