Cemetary (1989-1997, 2004-2005, 2001-present): a Doom Metal band from Borås, Sweden.


he doom metal act Cemetary was founded by Mattias Lodmalm (vocals/guitar). Over time, the membership expanded to include Christian Saarinen (guitar), Zrinko Curljak (bass) and Juha Sievers (drums). They secured a record deal in 1992 after two well-received demos, Incarnation Of Morbidity and Articulus Mortiis.

Their debut album, An Evil Shade Of Grey (1992), was a competent but unremarkable death metal album. It also boasted their first membership change with Anton Hedberg replacing Christian Saarinen on guitar. Godless Beauty (1993) saw them evolve beyond simply death metal, with fresh new ideas coming to play, including overdubbed samples of horror film dialog, as well as gothic musical styles. It resulted in a powerful depiction of depression and suicide. Much of its flavor was the result of new band membership with Lodmalm replacing everyone but himself, now featuring Anders Iwers (ex-Tiamat; guitar), Tomas Josefsson (bass) and Markus Nordberg on drums. Black Vanity (1994) saw this style continued. Black Vanity also saw a membership change with Anders Iwers replacing Anton, Thomas Joseffson replaced Zrinko and Markus Nordberg replaced Zuha.

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The brilliant 1996 effort, Sundown, introduced black metal elements into their music. Last Confessions (1997) would be their swansong with founder Mathias Lodmalm disbanding the operation and forming Sundown (not to be confused with the later German act of the same name) shortly later. The only other work published with the original name Cemetary was the posthumous 1998 compilation "best of..." titled Sweetest Tragedies.

Sundown (the band), a merger between ex-members of Cemetary and Tiamat, would be a short lived experience featuring Mathias Lodmalm (ex-Cemetary; vocals/guitar), Herman Engstrom (ex-Glimmer; guitar), Andreas Karlsson (ex-Glimmer; bass) and Christian Silver (drums) - (original members Johnny Hagel (ex-Tiamat; bass/keyboards) and Andreas Johansson (guitar) were replaced after the first album) that yielded two albums, Design 19 (1998) and Glimmer (1999) in a more gothic tone featuring electronic elements; the name Sundown deriving from a Cemetary song.

Seven years would pass before the members of Cemetary decided to give it another go in 2004 to release what would become their final album, Phantasma. In May 2005, Mathias Lodmalm posted a message at the band's website announcing that he was leaving the scene for good because of dissatisfaction with the people he did business with, nonetheless he reformed as first Sundown and then Cemetary 1213. However, in 2021 he announced the re-start of the band but opening as it's only member after closing his Cemetary 1213 attempt.

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Dashboard for Cemetary

Nation Sweden
Location Borås
Genre Doom Metal
Other Genres Gothic Metal
Formations 3
Active Years 1989-1997, 2004-2005, 2001-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 403

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Cemetary 1213 Tiamat

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