Wolfsbane (1984-1994, 2007, 2009, 2010-present): a Heavy Metal band from Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK.


ormed in 1987, and using a biker image, Wolfsbane would use Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Zodiac Mindwarp as influences. Wolfsbane would also quickly gain a reputation for energetic live shows with their style of NWOBHM-flavored rock/heavy metal with a touch of humor at times, featuring members Blaze Bayley (vocals), Jase "The Ace" Edwards (guitar), Jeff Hateley (bass) and Steve 'Dangerous' Ellett (drums).

Getting a recording contract from newly founded 'Def American Records', they marched off into the studio. The band had been hyped to no end but the debut, Live Fast, Die Fast (1989), despite making 48 in the UK, left many critics with much to be desired as it suffered from flat production failing to match their live sound. The band continued on unabated with All Hell's Breaking Loose At Little Kathy Wilson's Place (1990), also giving them a UK 48 (the "Kathy" in question was a 1950s movie star). Down Fall The Good Guys (1991) is where 'Def Jam' gave up on them, and they parted with their management at the same time.

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A tour with Iron Maiden gave their party and skateboarder atmosphere music a NWOBHM interest and a wider audience. On Massive Noise Injection (1993) 'Bronze' gave it a go, as with their self-titled Wolfsbane (2-CD) (1994). Over the years their song writing had improved, touching on b-movie and sci-fi themes to augment the old standbys of sex, drugs and rock 'n' Roll and this album helped prove the case.

In 1995 Blaze Bayley applied, and got the job, for vocals with Iron Maiden. His move effectively ended Wolfesbane; if it was any consolation to the other ex-band members, it was not a wise move on Bayley's part for Iron Maiden fans were not popular with his stint in that group. He would end off going solo a few years later under his own name, Blaze and then Blaze Bayley.

Wolfesbane was a band whose potential had never come to light. Although they received mid-range chart placings and critical praise they were unable to translate that into sales. The three remaining members briefly formed another band called Stretch. Jase Edwards went on to play with The Wildhearts and, later, their frontman's solo band.

Wolfsbane reformed for touring requests in 2007, starting with the Rock of Ages Fest in Tamworth, UK before joining The Wildhearts as support for a UK tour. Other occasional live appearances and tours saw them eventually reform with the original members, including Blaze Bayley, as well as Steve Danger who had joined in 1986, to release a new album Wolfsbane Save the World (2012) after a set of compilations and a live album, Lifestyles of the Broke and Obscure compilation (2001), Howling Mad Shitheads: The Best of Wolfsbane compilation (2009). Did It for the Money EP (2011), The Lost Tapes: A Secret History (live; 2012) and Go Loco At The Asylum (live; 2018) would follow.

The line-up has been remarkably stable featuring original members (this is the list that also reflects the reformation membership): Jeff Hateley (bass), Jase "the Ace" Edwards (guitars), Blaze Bayley (vocals), Steve Danger (drums) and past members Throbbin' Robin Baxter (drums), Poo-Poos (Real Name: Amanda Hemmings; drums; 1984-1985), Stakk Smasher (Real Name: Jon Buckingham; drums; 1985-1986).

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Dashboard for Wolfsbane

Nation UK
City Tamworth, Staffordshire
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 4
Active Years 1984-1994, 2007, 2009, 2010-
Last Modified 2022-12-03
Diskery ID 396

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Blaze Bayley Iron Maiden Van Halen

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