Morbid Angel


Morbid Angel (1983-present): a Death Metal band from Tampa, Florida, USA.


tarting with Stering Von Scarborough (bass/vocals), Trey Azagthoth (guitar), Richard Brunelle (guitar), Mike Browning (bass) and Pete Sandoval (ex-Terrorizer; drums), Morbid Angel quickly gained appeal on the underground death metal scene because of their fast, extreme approach.

Morbid Angel debuted in 1986 with the self-financed Abominations Of Desolation on their own 'Gorque Records' but, unhappy with the quality of it, they refused to release it; it would finally see the light of day in 1986. There was a personnel change at this time with Scarborough and Browning leaving and replaced with David Vincent (ex-Terrorizer; previously their producer) who took up both of the bass and vocal roles. He, in turn, ended off giving the band more of an identity with his strong charismatic character. (He, and Sundoval, had performed under the side-project name Terrorizer, along with Oscar Garcia (vocals) and Jesse Pintado (drums) to complete a on-off called World Downfall in 1989).

Morbid Angel's business ventures continued under the label title 'Earache', and the resulting official debut, Altars Of Madness (1989), followed. The album featured ultra-fast rhythms, complex guitar playing and unrelenting blankets of noise that sent death metal fans mad for it.

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Blessed Are The Sick (1991) saw Morbid Angel touring Europe to gain a wider following. The album would become considered by many to be a landmark release in the death metal genre. Extensive bootlegging and the band's growing popularity also forced 'Earache' to release the previously shelved Abominations Of Dissolution in 1991 to boost sales.

Now under the wing of 'Giant' (subsidiary of 'Warner') in the rest of the world, except England (where they stayed on 'Earache'), they became the first death band to get major label attention. Flemming Rassmussen (producer for Metallica) stepped in to help complete Covenant (1993). This release was further helped by the associated videos receiving rotation on MTV (God of Emptiness receiving a cameo on the MTV program Beavis and Butthead), as well as a tour with Black Sabbath and Motorhead. 1994 saw Brunelle replaced with Eric Rutan (ex-Ripping Corpse).

Domination (1995) with its deep, dark and mature sound would further advance the band and the genre as a whole. The live effort, Entangled In Chaos (1996), followed shortly later.

For the release of the highly acclaimed Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1997) and Gateways to Annihilation (2000), Steve Tucker returned to take over on bass and vocals from Vincent.

Tucker, soon after however, briefly left Morbid Angel in 2001 and was replaced by former Hate Eternal bassist and vocalist Jared Anderson. In 2002, however, Anderson left the band and Tucker re-assumed his position as bassist and vocalist. Heretic followed in 2003. In 2008 Thor Anders Myhren (a.k.a. Destructhor; guitar) joined.

2011 would see Tim Yeung playing drums on, Illud Divinum Insanus allowing Sandoval to recover from back surgery.

2015 was a busy year for Morbid Angel. On June 15, it was reported that Vincent and Yeung were no longer in Morbid Angel. Former vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker shortly rejoined the band once again. Replacement drummer, Scott Fuller, joined in 2017. Later that same day, however, Vincent denied that he had left the band, hinting on a Facebook post on June 17 that Destructhor was no longer part of Morbid Angel either with the comment, "Who will play second guitar? Time will answer that one ..." On June 18, this was confirmed when Destructhor announced his departure from the band to focus on Norwegian death metal act Myrkskog. On June 19, Vincent confirmed that he had also left due to creative differences; Vincent and Yeung would team up in late 2016 to form I Am Morbid.

Now under the membership of Steve Tucker (bass/vocals), Trey Azagthoth (guitars) and Scott Fuller (drums), Kingdoms Disdained would arrive in 2017. The album would feature Dan Vadim Von playing lead guitar on the track Declaring New Law (Secret Hell) only as his membership in the band had started during the recording process.

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Morbid Angel
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Dashboard for Morbid Angel

Nation USA
City Tampa, Florida
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1983-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 391

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Morbid Angel


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