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Agnostic Front


Agnostic Front (1980-1992, 1996-): a Metalcore band from New York, New York, USA.


ormed by Vinnie Stigma (guitar; ex-Eliminators) in 1982, with Diego (bass) and Rob Krekus (drums). The band went through several singers before they launched their debut, two of them being John Watson and Jimmy "The Mad Russian", before settling with Roger Miret (ex-The Psychos). Ray Barbieri (a.k.a. Raybeez; drums) and Adam Mucci (bass). The resulting debut EP, United Blood (1983) on an indie label, has since become a collector's item.

Featuring the membership of Roger Miret (vocals), Alex Kinon (guitar), Vinnie Stigma (guitar), Rob Kabula (bass) and Dave Jones (drums), they offered a textbook example of the mid 80's New York Hardcore style. Evolving at CBGB's, like their contemporaries, they quickly made a name for themselves in that genre. Over the course of their career, however, their music would evolve into heavy metal. Their debut album, Victim In Pain (1984), was more hardcore punk than heavy metal, but that feel quickly changed over the successive releases. Where-as punk rock rock and Hardcore often take an anti-government/anarchist point of view, or at the very least a leftist stance, Agnostic Front took a nationalist and right wing point of view; and Miret discharged their points of view . After the Cause For Alarm (1986) release, Jimmy Merrick replaced Beatto on drums. Liberty & Justice For... (1987) saw their heavy metal and political feel in its prime. Their only live set, while they were together, was released in the form of Live At CBGB's (1989).

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By the time One Voice (1991) came about, Matt Henderson joined on guitar. This album featured lyrics written by Miret during an 18-month prison stint because of drug offenses; temporary vocalist Alan Peters and regular Vinnie Stigma joined Crawlpappy when Miret returned. Their strongest venue was the live arena and this proved to be their swansong; their last show was December 1992 at the place where they started, CBGB's with the subsequent live release, Last Warning (1993), following after their demise. Their popularity waned over the years due to their inability to advance their musical style in a changing world.

In 1996, the act reformed under the revised membership of Roger Miret (vocals), Vinnie Stigma (guitars), Rob Kabula (bass) and Jim Colletti (drums) and signing to 'Enigma Records' (later 'Nuclear Blast'). The membership would further change to feature Mike Gallo (bass/backing vocals; 2000), Pokey Mo (drums; 2009) and Craig Silverman (lead guitar/backing vocals; 2014) to release Something's Gotta Give (1998), Riot, Riot, Upstart (1999), Dead Yuppies (2001), Another Voice (2004), Warriors (2007), My Life My Way (2011), The American Dream Died (2015) and Get Loud! (2019).

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Agnostic Front
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