Mortician (1989-present): a Death Metal band from Yonkers, New York, USA.


xisting in one form or another, Mortician came about in 1989 to become one of New York's cultist death metal bands. Indeed, it started in Yonkers, New York under the name Casket featuring Wil Rahmer (bass/vocals) and Matt Sicher (drums). Under the founding line-up their first song produced was called Mortician. John McEntee of Incantation played guitar on the recording and remained a member of Mortician throughout most of 1990, at that time Rahmer sang for Incantation. Their first demo was released on 'Seraphic Decay Records' under the title, Brutally Mutilated.

In 1991 McEntee was replaced with Roger Beaujard (drums/vocals) and their music would become known for its classic death sound with a fascination of all things horror using song lyrics, art and movie over-dubs. While Beaujard played drums he was also skilled at guitar even though live they would often employ session guitarists for the tours; he programs a drum machine while in the studio so he can play the guitar. That same year, drummer Matt Sicher was relieved of his duties due to various personal problems and later died in an accident. In early 1992, Mortician began to experiment with drum machines. Unable to find a replacement who could play at the unheard of speeds that the band favored, the remaining members chose to take Mortician's percussion to its ultimate extreme by integrating a drum machine into their music.

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In 1993 the remaining founding pair would release their 6 track debut release the Mortal Massacre EP, a release that was followed up with House By The Cemetary (1995) before their first full length, a 24 track behemoth album titled Hacked Up For Barbecue (1998) now featuring Desmond Tolhurst (bass) so Rahmer could concentrate on the vocals. Zombie Apocalypse (1998) and Chainsaw Dismemberment (1999) followed. By the time Domain Of Death was released in 2001 Beaujard reclaimed his bass duties from the departing Tolhurst, while Ron Kachnic took over a new guitar spot. The line-up was stable for Darkest Day of Horror (2002). Sam Inzerra played drums on tour with Mortician while at the same time he was in the NY band Deadspeak and was a member of Morpheus Descends.

Mortician Living Dead (2004), Zombie Massacre Live! (2004) andRe-Animated Dead Flesh (2004) followed.

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Nation USA
City Yonkers, New York
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1989-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2021-10-10
Diskery ID 308

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