Timescape (1995-present): a Progressive Metal band from Norrkoping, Sweden.


ocalsist Robert Haglund and Johan Berlin formed the Swedish outfit Timescape in March 1995. Their concept was a carefully constructed entity from the get-go. Their intention was to produce the most innovative music that the progressive genre could offer. This dedication went right down to the band's very name. They produced a three track promotional CD, and it immediately received acclaim in the progressive metal circles. Although it was intended as only a promo., they released it with 1,000 initial copies which all sold. The band handled their own distribution until several companies in Asia, US and Europe showed interest so they returned to the studio to publish their first full album, Two Worlds.

Two Worlds was released on their own 'Nettle-Space Productions' and received worldwide distribution. Despite the band members only being in their mid-20's, the music was exceptionally mature and tight. Johan Berlin (guitar/vocals), Johan Erixon (bass/backing vocals), Kerim Kalkan (guitar/backing vocals) and Mikael Moberg (vocals) now rounded off the membership. Each of the members had a non-professional musical career dating back to their childhood. Anders Berlin (age 18) was attending high school specializing in music, and had played drums since the age of 8. Johan Berlin (age 26) played guitar since 16, but tried piano and keyboard by age 17, and also became the group's songwriter. Johan Erixon "Eric" (age 27) cut his teeth at age 10 by playing acoustic guitar, but by 13 he switched to bass. Kerim Kalkan (age 24) started on guitar at age 15 and by age 17 he undertook private tutoring and concluded his education in guitar by attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, USA. At the time of their premier album he had returned to Sweden to study his music Major in university. Mikael Moberg (age 23) was the latest member of the band, joining in September 1996 when Haglund decided to leave. At age 7, he practiced with Transverse Flute but quit. It was at age 13 that he took up guitar and joined a band, but was offered the vocals role when a vacancy came. It was discovered he had a great set of 'tonsils' and was picked up to be in Timescape, in time for their debut recording.

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Nation Sweden
City Norrkoping
Promotional Address Skogvaktaregatan 4, 602
08 Norrkoping, Sweden
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2021-09-13
Diskery ID 30

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