Enthroned (1993-present): a Black Metal band from Brussels, Belgium.


t the end of 1993 vocalist and bassist Lord Sabathan (Real Name: Franck Lorent) and his drumming minion sidekick Cernunnos (Real Name: Dan Vandeplas) emerged from Morbid Death (the group) to create their own dungeon with guitarist Tsebaoth (Real Name: Vincent Gerard; ex-Slanesh) under the name Enthroned. They made their debut with a demo entitled Promo 94, along with a shared EP with Ancient Rites titled Scared by Darkwinds/Longing for the Ancient Kingdom II which built them a platform with 'Osmose' to release their debut proper Prophecies of Pagan Fire (1995).

Things were not well with the act and events transpired that almost finished them off including the replacement of Tsebaoth with Nebiros (Real Name: Dimitri Gillard; ex-Skelt's), the addition of Nornagest (Real Name: Régis Lanton) guitar and the suicide of Cernunnos in the spring of 1997 when he hanged himself.

After the rushed, but much improved Toward The Skullthrone Of Satan (1997) set with Da Cordoen on drums, a tribute to Cernunnos came out in the form of Regie Sathanas (1998) with Namroth Blackthorn (Real Name: Fabrice Depireux) now as the permanent replacement for Cernunnos. The Apocalypse Manifesto (1999) followed shortly later, with Armoured Bestial Hell (2001) after it.

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Carnage In Worlds Beyond (2003) would feature a membership change with Alsvid (Real Name: Yann Herrera) taking over drums.

In 2005, Enthroned released their first live album, Black Goat Ritual, recorded during their tour of Brazil. This same year, they parted ways with vocalist Sabathan; Nornagest took over the vocals, while Phorgath (Real Name: Jeremy Bézier) joined the band on bass.

In June 2007, Enthroned recorded their seventh album Tetra Karcist, seeing the return of drummer Alsvid for the studio sessions.

Ahephahim (Real Name: Arnaud Vansteenkiste) joined as on drums in June 2007, along with a new recording partner in the form of 'Regain Records' in January 2008. Members of the band then opened the recording studio, Blackout Multimedia.

Ahephaim and Nguaroth would leave the act due to being busy with other projects to be replaced by ex-Gorgoroth drummer Garghuf. Nerath Daemon came back to assume his old position of five years past, but now assuming the stage name of Neraath.

Enthroned's next album, Pentagrammaton, was released on 22 March 2010.

Nornagest was gave up playing guitar in live performances, due to chronic tendinitis in his wrist. He would switch roles to became the band's frontman. Former members Lord Sabathan and Nguaroth re-joined the band for a one-off live performance in 2010.

Obsidium and Sovereigns followed in 2012 and 2014 respectively. 2012 would see Menthor (Real Name: Manuel Rodrigues) take over drums from Glaurung (2004-2007), Garghuf (Real Name: Daniel Robnik; who held the role from 2009-2012) and Thorns (Real Name: Gionata Potenti; who also held the role briefly in 2012).

2016 would see bassist Phorgath and guitarist ZarZax (Real Name: Peter Noens in band since 2013) leave on amicable terms, and replaced by Norgaath and Shagãl (Real Name: Luis Guardamagna) respectively initially for live shows and eventually full time in 2018 in time for the release of Cold Black Suns (2019).

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Dashboard for Enthroned

Nation Belgium
Location Brussels
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 286

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