Ungod (1992-2002, 2009-present): a Black Metal band from Gochsheim, Bavaria, Germany.


epresenting black metal from Germany, Ungod started in 1991 playing typical German style black metal. In time, several of the members were involved in the side projects Baxaxaxa and Fulgor.

The act started out with the Circle of the Seven Infernal Pacts (1993) under the membership of Schiekron (bass), Ancient Blasphemic Grave Invocator (guitars), Angel of Blasphemy (guitars), Infamist of Tumulus (vocals) and The Unknown (drums) before launching the Conquering What Once Was Ours EP (1995) under the vastly revised line-up of Martin (guitars) and Zvoni (Real Name: Zvonimir Babic; vocals), leaving only Schiekron and Condemptor as the original members; Contemptor simply being a renamed Ancient Blasphemic Grave Invocator.

Several splits and demos would follow until their demise in 2002 before reforming in 2008 and the launch of their eponymous EP in 2009 featuring Kvaltar on guitars. The compilation, În numele Metalului Est-European (2010) would come next until Cloaked in Eternal Darkness (2011) would see Infernal Molester take over vocals and Cryptic Tormentor assume guitars.

Another compilation in the form of Chaos, Conquest & Defiance (2012) would follow before the launch of Bewitched by Sins and Lust (2016) featuring the modified line-up of Sulphur Irae (bass) and Baal (vocals).

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Dashboard for Ungod

Nation Germany
City Gochsheim, Bavaria
Genre Black Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1992-2002, 2009-
Last Modified 2022-09-25
Diskery ID 284

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Sadistic Intent

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