Black Rainbows


Black Rainbows (2005-present): a Stoner Metal band from Rome, Italy.


n 2007 it would be under the membership of Gabriele Fiori (guitars/keyboards/vocals), Luca Giancotti (bass) and Tommaso Moretti (drums) that Black Rainbow would debut with Twilight in the Desert (2007). But by the sophomore release, Carmina Diabolo (2010), the bass and drums would be taken over respectively by Marco De Masi and Daniele Conti. Before this recording Dario Epifani (bass) had been in the band but had left before the debut; Giuseppe Guglielmino (bass) had also made an appearance briefly later in 2015.

After Supermothafuzzalicious!! (2011) the EP release of Holy Moon (2013), as well as the follow-up albums Hawkdope (2015), Stellar Prophecy (2016) and Pandaemonium (2018), the membership had shifted again to feature Alberto Croce (drums) and Dario Iocca (bass).

Edoardo "Mancio" Mancini assumed bass for Cosmic Ritual Supertrip (2020), while the drums were assumed by Filippo Ragazzoni for Superskull (2023).

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Black Rainbows
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Dashboard for Black Rainbows

Nation Italy
Location Rome
Genre Stoner Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2005-
Last Modified 2023-09-04
Diskery ID 2776

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Black Rainbows
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