Seven Witches


Seven Witches (1998-present): a Power Metal band from New Jersey, USA.


merican band Seven Witches formed in 1998 and have been an immensely prolific but membership rotating band ever since. Mixing a blend of power metal, thrash metal, and standard heavy metal, they would kick off with the Second War in Heaven (1999) under the membership of Jack Frost (guitars), Billy Mez (bass), Brian Vincent (R.I.P. 2021; drums) and Bobby Lucas (vocals/guitars (track 5)), and would follow it up with City of Lost Souls (2000) with John (Ozzy) Osborn on drums.

Wade Black took vocals and Brian Craig joined on drums for Xiled to Infinity and One (2002), while Passage to the Other Side (2003) saw James Rivera on vocals and Joey Vera on bass. Once again a membership change occurred on Year of the Witch (2004) to feature Dennis Hayes (bass) and Craig Anderson (drums).

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After Amped (2005) featuring Frost replacing the whole band to now feature Alan Tecchio (vocals), Jeff Curenton (drums) and Kevin Bolembach (bass) the band took a years rest, releasing only a single video. During that rest Frost was busy playing with the membership again for when Deadly Sins (2007) was released, it featured on himself, and Tecchio. Mike LePond (bass/lyrics) and Taz Marazz (drums) stepping in on selected tracks for the release of Call upon the Wicked (2011).

Frost was joined with Ronnie Parkes (bass), Johnny Kelly (drums) and Anthony Cross (vocals) for Rebirth (2013) and The Way of the Wicked (2015).

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Seven Witches
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Dashboard for Seven Witches

Nation USA
Location New Jersey
Genre Power Metal
Other Genres Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-
Last Modified 2023-05-02
Diskery ID 2626

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Seven Witches
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