Entombed (1987-2014, 2016-present): a Death Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.


he Swedish death act Entombed formed in Stockholm in 1987 under the name Nihilist. Under this original moniker they released 4 demos: Drowned, Premature Autopsy, But Life Goes On and Only Shreds Remain. They would subsequently break up then reform a few days later as Entombed, with the line-up of Lars Goren-Petrov (vocals), Uffe Cederlund (guitar), Alex Hellid (guitar), Lars Rosenburg (bass) and Nicke Andersson (drums); the other members of Nihilist going on to create Unleashed (USA).

The landmark debut, Left Hand Path (1990), put them on the map as a creative band with an individual sound often dubbed "Death Rock" or "Death 'n' Roll". The album also managed to avoid much of the cheapness that often characterizes the genre. Petrov would leave soon later and his replacement, Ovar Safstrom, only lasted for the single Crawl, when ex-Carnage bassist Johnny Dordevic stepped in to debut on their sophomore release, Clandestine (1991). It also featured the debut of Lars Rosenberg on bass. This record started their slide from the death metal genre by being much more accessible. Butafter a US tour with Morbid Angel, Dordevic was released of his duties in favor of the returning Petrov in time for the UK Gods Of Grind tour with Confessor, Cathedral and Carcass accompanying them.

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Hollowman EP (1993), the next release, would only last a short time, for before long the highly acclaimed punk/heavy metal hybrid Wolverine Blues (1993) would be released.

Wolverine Blues would announce to the world their intent to buck death metal genre standards by incorporating traditional rock structures and rhythmic grooves into their death metal framework. The record further bucked trends by including a mini super hero comic as an insert; the comic featured themselves. These antics gave them notoriety and put them on the map as one of the genre's leading acts.

Label problems would see them leaving 'Earache' in favor of 'Music For Nations'. The follow-up EP, Out Of Hand (1994), would see the started on Clandestine of traditional commercial rock by featuring covers of Repulsion's Blackbreath and Kiss's God Of Thunder. An intense bill on tour with label mates Napalm Death through Europe would commence during the time of their popularity rise culminating in Ride Shoot Straight And Tell The Truth (1997), with Jorgen Sandstrom (ex-Grave) now on bass to replace Rosenberg who had left to join Therion. Nicke Andersson left his drum duties (and vocals: he played vocals. on Clandestine)to form Hellacopters to be replaced with Peter Stjarnwind. A stream of millennium albums would follow with each one drifting more into a punk rock oriented sound getting them the description of "Death Rock" and "Death 'N' Roll", with Wreckage EP (1997), Same Difference (1998) which also saw Peter Starnvind join on drums, while Monkey Puss, their live effort in London, saw Lars Rosenberg taking over from Sandström, them Black Juju (1999) with Jorgen Sandström returning to take over from Resenburg, Uprising (2000) and Morning Star (2001) followed which saw them drifting in a more Slayer-esq thrash metal style.  Their style was farther stripped down after their Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord (2002)"best of..." compilation on their new 2CD studio effort Inferno (2003). After a 4 year gap the band would return on "Cendlelight Records' with Serpent Saints in 2007, falling back on a sound similar to their first two albums, and the first to feature drummer Olle Dahlstedt (of Alpha Safari/ex-Misery Loves Company), who replaced Stjärnvind in 2006, and also the first without Uffe Cederlund who left to join Disfear. But the line-up wouldn't last and the act folded soon after.

On January 21, 2014 it was announced that the Petrov/Dahlstedt/Elgstrand/Brandt line-up of the band would now be known as Entombed A.D. and that the new album would be released under that name. It was also stated that any shows announced using the name Entombed would not feature this line-up. Indeed, Entombed would return in 2014 with Andersson, Cederlund and Hellid to release 10 Track Reissue Special compilation (2013), Classic Vinyl Collection boxed set (2014), The Best of Entombed compilation (2016), Clandestine live album (2017) and To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth EP (2019).

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Dashboard for Entombed

Nation Sweden
Location Stockholm
Genre Death Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1987-2014, 2016-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 262

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