Coma (1998-present): a Heavy Metal band from Poland.


name chosen by the tossing of a coin just prior to a radio interview, Coma, came into existence in June 1998; during their first rehearsals they named the band Voo Doo Art, but it didn't catch on. The band started off with Dominik Weed Chuck on guitar and Tomasz Stasiak on drums who had played together previously in a band called Ozoz. After Ozoz had fallen apart Weed Chuck/Stasiak team tried to form a band to play music inspired by Illusion, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Korn, etc. but finding a bass player proved problematic until the arrival of Rafal Ma Touch who apart from being a good musician and party goer turned out to live 300 meters (next door) from Weed Chuck. The three guys got along great and conducted rehearsals several times a week. Dominik, Tomasz and Rafal made up their minds to rock together until their dying day, and then they cut their veins and... sealed their decision with blood (?). In this way the hybrid was created and functioned under the name Voo Doo Art.

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The next to join the band was Grenda, whom Dominik and Tomasz knew from Ozoz. To complete the picture, guys needed someone who could sing but here their expectations were high. Ma Touch along with Weed Chuck, apart from playing in Voo Doo Art, performed with another band - De Ja Vi (guitar+bass+3 girls on vocals). De Ja Vi's rehearsals took place in the building owned by scout troop Peter Raw Goose Rogucki. After the first rehearsal with Raw Goose, the choice proved to be the best possible.

After years of growth, cracks appeared in the union and as a result Grenda was dismissed from the band. Fortunately replacement for him was found very quickly in the form of Martin Cobez. He was known at that time as an excellent guitarist and played with groups such as Pig Bit and Second Hand. He fit in perfectly. By the end of 2003 Coma signed a contract with 'BMG', with the resulting material finally found its way to music shops on 17th May 2004.

Under the management of Robert Kurpisz. In 2007 Coma supported such bands as Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Tool. In spring 2008 Adam Von Marshal Marshalkowsky, known from another band, Normalsi, took place of Tomasz Stasiak on drums and participated actively in writing of new tracks resulting in Excess on 11 October 2010.

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Dashboard for Coma

Nation Poland
Location Unknown
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 260

Artists Linked to Coma

Korn Led Zeppelin Linkin Park
Pearl Jam Pink Floyd Tool

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