Korrozia Metalla


Korrozia Metalla (1984-present): a Thrash Metal band from Moscow, Russia.


ussian for "Corrosion of metal", Korrozia Metalla is a Russian (formerly Soviet) thrash metal band led by Sergey "Pauk" Troitsky. It is best known for black humour lyrics and provocative public performances. Founded in 1984 by bass guitarist and vocalist Sergey Troitsky, better known under stage name Pauk (Russian for "spider"). All other members of the band have also taken stage names: Boar (Real Name: Sergey Vysokosov; guitars/lead vocals), Schizophrenic (Real Name: Roman Lebedev; guitars), Saxon (Real Name: Vadim Mikhailov; bass) and Morgue (Real Name: Alexander Bondarenko; drums). The band's first live show was illegally carried out in an apartment house basement. Annoyed by their noise, the neighbors called for police, which forced Korrozia to leave the stage. Shortly after this incident, they released their first single, a six-song cassette titled Vlast zla (The Power of Evil). The master tapes were lost, but the single kept circulating and eventually a high-quality second generation dub was given to Troitsky in 2001.

The next year the band joined Moscow Rock Lab, which allowed the band to perform rock music legally. The band's first album, Orden Satany (Order of the Satan) was released in 1988. No Soviet state label was ready to release that kind of music, so Pauk created his own one, 'Hard Rock Corporation' (HRC, or KTP in Cyrillic). Before the album was recorded, Schizophrenic was fired and since then Boar performed vocals as well as guitar. Morgue was replaced by Alexander "Lizard" Bondarenko. Orden Satany, the follow-up, presented a raw thrash metal with heavy hardcore punk influence, the so-called 'crossover thrash'.

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Near the end of the Soviet years, censorship was lifted, and the band became notorious for lyrics and imagery that, although consistent with western shock rock traditions, were quite provocative by Soviet Russia's standards. For their live shows, they employed strip girls to dance on stage and decorated it with pyrotechnics and "satanic" imagery. Similarly, the band's lyrics consisted of black humor and strong language, describing violence, supernatural and sex. The albums that followed boasted names that depicted this style in the form of Sadism (1992), and their 'trademark' songs include such titles as Vampire's Panzer , AIDS, Eat in the Flesh, Dead Rasputin.

Their next album, Russian Vodka with the lead song of the same title became probably their most popular work.

After 1.966 (1995), Troitsky dismissed much of band, except Vysokosov for new members Kostya (Real Name: Konstantin Lipatov; guitars/vocals (backing) (tracks 1-4)) and Vasya (Real Name: Vasily Kazurov; drums (tracks 1-4)) for the EP Hold Up the Train (1996) and Computer Hitler (1997). It is with this release that the band's lyrics and live performances changed to reflect an affinity with fascism and neo-nazism. During the promotional tour for the Computer Hitler album, Korrozia employed world-famous political and dictator impersonators for their live shows. The whole show went completely off the rails when, soon after, Pauk indicated his interest in politics when nominated himself for mayor of Moscow in 1993, and for mayor of Khimki in 2012 with a good sense of black humor as well. Since then the band has long been associated with far-right political leanings; several of their songs have been banned and they are included in Russia's federal list of extremist materials in Russia for inciting inter-ethnic hatred.

...And the band played on to The Man With the Scar EP (1997) and He didn't like teachers (1999), the second showing the whole new line-up of Troitsky with Max with a Bolt (Real Name: Maxim Layko; R.I.P. 2014 or cardiac arrest; guitars/vocals), Lyokha "Bull" (Real Name: Alexey Bykov; drums), Valera "Blitzkrieg" (Real Name: Valery Arkadin; guitars/vocals (backing)). The not so happy Happy New Year (2001) would see replacements in the form of Robot (Real Name: Nikolay Bykov; R.I.P. 2003; drums) and Barteza (Real Name: Konstantin Grinyuk; guitars). Pagan Gods followed in 2002 with Vampire eyes EP (2002) close behind.

White Wolfs (2003) saw Mityay "Shit" (Real Name: Dmitry Ablazov; vocals) and Anton Garcia (guitars). For War of the Worlds (2010), Berserker (Real Name: Dmitry Ginkul; guitars), Dancer (Real Name: Andrey Martynenkov; drums) and Genghis Khan (Real Name: Konstantin Vikhrev; guitars) would be the new members. This line-up would change again for 666 Like (2013) and Mortuary Goddess (2018) to feature Jack Sparrow (Real Name: Alexander Skvortsov; vocals) and Anya Golubeva (Real Name: Anna Golubeva; guitars). A set of compilations would follow.

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Nation Russia
Location Moscow
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1984-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 2555

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