White Wizzard


White Wizzard (2007-2018, 2019-present): a Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.


tarting with the self-titled EP and the follow-up High Speed GTO (2009) EP under the membership of Tyler Meahl (drums), Jon Leon (bass/guitars), James-Paul Luna (vocals) and James J. LaRue (guitars), White Wizzard would see their first moment of fame with the video for High Speed GTO in 2008 . However, the two EPs were the same material with the tracks shuffled in a different order and one track simply renamed. By the time 'Earache Records' had reissued the EPs, the entire line-up other than bassist Jon Leon had quit, and the full-length debut, Over the Top (2010) was recorded by essentially a new band featuring Jesse Appelhans (drums/percussion), Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson (vocals), Jon Leon (bass/lyrics/guitars (tracks 1, 2, 9)/songwriting (tracks 1-9)) and Erik Kluiber (guitars (tracks 3-7))/songwriting (track 3, 5)).

For the Flying Tigers (2011), Giovanni Durst took drums. But what was also interesting was Michael Gremio briefly joined the band on short notice after Wyatt Anderson left. His replacement, Peter Ellis only sang on the 2010 Shooting Star single before the band reunited with Anderson, who in turn departed again soon after recording vocals for Flying Tigers. He was again replaced by Gremio for a brief period. But by the time The Devils Cut (2013) the membership shift continued with Jake Dreyer (guitars (lead)), Will Wallner (guitars (lead)) and Joseph Michael (vocals). The follow-up, Infernal Overdrive (2018), featured Dylan Marks (drums).

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White Wizzard
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Nation USA
Location Los Angeles, California
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 2007-2018, 2019-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 2539

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White Wizzard
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