Secrets of the Moon


Secrets of the Moon (1995-present): a Black Metal band from Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany.


ecrets of the Moon are considered one of the leading bands in the German black metal scene, not only for their longevity but also for their grasp of the genre. Coupled with a distinct sound and concept, the act stands in a unique position. Described as "Surreal, Black", or "Occult-Metal", the band does not take on any official classification. Secrets of the Moon formed in 1995 and grew to boast several releases, many of them now sought-after rarities found only in private collections. The discography of the act would start with Stronghold Of The Inviolables in 2001 under the membership of Golden (Real Name: Philipp Jonas; guitars/keyboards/lyrics), Daevas (Real Name: Lars Plegge; bass/vocals), Frazer (Real Name: Björn Schünemann; drums) and Thelema (guitars/effects) and grow quickly to include De Musica Mundana compilation (2002) and Live In Bitterfield 2001 live (2002) before settling on Carved In Stigmata Wounds (2004) featuring only Daevas and sG (a.k.a. Golden) along with new member Thrawn on drums.

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The EP The Exhibitions (2005) would see a membership change in the form of Thrawn Thelemnar (Real Name: Jörg Heemann) take over drums, and A.D. take second guitar. Antithesis (2006) would follow. The Privilegivm would see Marianne Séjourné (a.k.a. LSK) on bass; featured on only the one recording, he would commit suicide in 2013. Thelemnar and Golden would be the only other two members. The bass would be returned to Daevas for the follow-up EPs, The Ambience of a Dead Star (2010), Them Bones/This Inner Soil (2010) and Warhead (2011).

The bass was gone and Ar (a.k.a. Arioch; Real Name: Michael Zech) would step in as second guitars/vocals (backing)) for Seven Bells (2012). Sun (2015) would see Naamah Ash (Real Name: Marta Lledo; bass/vocals (backing)) and Erebor (Real Name: Alessandro; drums) join, and Thelemnar leave.

It was not just the band's releases that led it to its current lofty status. Just as decisive as their recordings has been their consistent live-presence. With these appearances the reputation of Secrets of the Moon as one of the best black metal live bands would grow, an excellent axample of this would be in their The Thelema Rising Session compilation (2015) and Under the Sign of the Capricorn boxed set (2018).

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Secrets of the Moon
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Nation Germany
City Osnabruck, Niedersachsen
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Promotional Address http://www.secretsofthemo
Diskery ID 251

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Secrets of the Moon


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