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Candiria (1992-present): a Progressive Metal band from Brooklyn, New York, USA.


merican progressive metal band Candiria are an from Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 1992, the band was part of the second wave of New York hardcore, but subsequently expanded its performance to also play jazz, hip hop and progressive rock. Candiria was formed by Carley Coma (vocals), Chris Puma (guitars), Eric Matthews (guitars) and Kenneth Schalk (drums/bass/keyboard/trumpet).

The name "Candiria" is supposedly the plural form of candiru, a parasitic fish found in the Amazon river. However, Schalk stated that the band made up their name unaware of the fish. No matter the band's origin, the alleged plural is incorrect all the same, the name of the fish actually comes from the now extinct Old Tupi language, from where it passed on to Portuguese and later to other languages; in Portuguese, the plural form is candirus.

Their first album, Surrealistic Madness (1995). Just less than two years later Puma was replaced by John LaMacchia, just before the second album Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1997). Their third album, The Process of Self-Development would arrive in 1999 before the act switched to 'Century Media' for the release of 300 Percent Density (2001); an album that reached 44 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

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On September 9, 2002, Candiria was in a serious accident near Cleveland, Ohio while driving their touring van. A tractor trailer rear-ended the band's equipment trailer, causing the van to flip over several times to finally rest on its roof with four members of the band ejected from the vehicle, and all members plus their driver hospitalized for serious injuries. The band healed in time to return with a large court settlement as well.

Re-emerging in 2004, Candiria came back with What Doesn't Kill You.... The aptly titled album boasting a cover featuring a photo of the band's van after the 2002 accident. This album marked a change in sound as well with a more melodic direction for the band that received varying amounts of criticism and praise from different sides. The album reached 47 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. LaMacchia temporarily left the for personal reasons after the album's release. Their next album Kiss the Lie was delayed for several years as the band continued to recover from the 2002 accident. The delay gave LaMacchia time to take care of his personal matters, but Matthews soon quit, due in part to the continuing effects of his injuries. Schalk as soon to leave too.

With only Coma and LaMacchia, bassist Michael MacIvor, who had been assisting since 2007, became a permanent member in 2009. Guitarist Eddie Ortiz also joined during this period, with original drummer Kenneth Schalk soon after returning allowing that sixth album, Kiss the Lie to finally be released in 2009. Also in 2009, LaMacchia and Schalk released a set of remix albums, Toying with the Insanities featuring old Candiria songs remixed in collaboration with notable DJs and producers.

On September 20, 2009, Chris Puma died of undisclosed causes. On April 29, 2014, Candiria then released a two track 7-inch entitled Invaders, their first new material in five years. In April and May 2015 Candiria made their first live appearances in New York City in a decade. Schalk quit the band again due to family commitments in July 2016, and was replaced by Danny Grossarth. Ortiz then also quit to be replaced by Julio Arias. Candiria then signed with 'Metal Blade Records' in 2015 for their next album While They Were Sleeping (2016).

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