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Naglfar (1992-present): a Black Metal band from Umeå, Sweden.


his act first formed under the name Uninterred in late 1992 by Jens Rydén (who started on guitar and then switched to vocals late in 1992) and Kristoffer W. Olivius (who started on bass and then switched to vocals in 2005 when Rydén left). Ulf Andersson from Nocturnal Rites joined soon after on drums. Rydén was handling both guitars and vocals at the time but thought it would be better just to concentrate on the vocals, so Morgan Hansson was asked to join the band at the same time Fredrik Degerström joined as a second guitarist. In March 1994 Degerström was asked to leave the band because of different personal and musical opinions; his replacement was Andreas Nilsson who joined when the act changed their name to Naglfar.

As Naglfar they entered Garageland Studios to record a demo which turned out to be a one-track promo since Andersson couldn't handle the drums successfully. Andersson, as it turned out, wasn't really interested in the band anymore and soon left to concentrate on Nocturnal Rites instead. The band bought a drum-machine and continued their rehearsing. They made a second attempt at Garageland and recorded their first demo called Stellae Trajectio, released in November 1994 with Morgan Hansson on guitars.

A couple of months after the release, 'Wrong Again Records' got in touch with them and offered them a deal which the band accepted. They had also recruited Mattias Holmgren for drums but he didn't last beyond that year for Holmgren left the band for another act, Embracing, among others.

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In July 1995 Naglfar entered Studio Abyss in Ludvika, Sweden, and recorded their debut album, Vittra with Peter Tägtgren (backing vocals) for tracks 3, 5, 7, and Matte Holmgren (drums) as guest session musicians.

The band took a break for a couple of months in order to find a new drummer. During this time drummers Morgan Lie from Auberon and Johan Moritz from the porn-metal band Disorge helped them out. The Japanese label 'Toys Factory' came calling soon after looking for the band to appear on an Iron Maiden tribute-CD, so the band entered Sunlight Studio in Stockholm to record a re-make of the Iron Maiden classic, The Evil That Men Do, and two additional tracks.

Managing to finally find a new drummer in the form of Mattias Grahn at a local pub, Naglfar then played some gigs and released a picture 7" EP called When Autumn Storms Come. Their second album, Diabolical, was released in April 1998. In October 2000 Morgan Hansson left the band and Marcus "Vargher" Norman from Bewitched replaced him.

It would be in November 2000 when the act saw a recording again in the form of the EP called Ex-Inferis. Their third album, Sheol, (which is Hebrew for "Hell") arrived in March 24th, 2003.

Both Vittra and Diabolical helped Naglfar to get an excellent reputation in the worldwide Metal scene. Indeed, they were moving up with a new deal from 'Regain Records' in 2007 that saw their Vittra CD re-released with the three bonus tracks from the Evil That Men Do session work. The re-release of Diabolical would follow that same year. Sheol (2003) would follow.

Pariah (2005) was the first album sans Jens Rydén with Kristoffer Olivius assuming both bass and vocals. Peter Morgan Lie would assume bass for Harvest (2007), freeing Olivius up for vocal duties.

Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius (vocals), Andreas Nilsson (guitars) and Marcus E. Norman (guitars) would be the line-up for the An Extension of His Arm and Will EP (2012), a line-up that would hold for Téras full-length in 2012. Principium, a compilation would follow in 2018.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Naglfar with the one from Bergen, Norway that released only a few singles and demos.

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