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Canvas Solaris


Canvas Solaris (1999-2011, 2013-present): a Progressive Metal band from Statesboro, Georgia, USA.


he story of Canvas Solaris began in 1999, playing a strange, experimental form of extreme death/thrash metal, influenced by mainly Voivod, Carcass and Godflesh.

The early line-up featuring Nathan Sapp (guitars/vocals), Jimmy McCall (bass), Brad Jeffcoat (vocals), and Hunter Ginn (drums) recorded two demos and played several shows in South Carolina. Jeffcoat and McCall left the band in 2002 and the group added Ben Simpkins (guitar/bass/keyboards) to the line-up to begin writing much more experimental instrumental technical, jazz-inspired progressive music.

In June 2003 Canvas Solaris released their debut EP, Spatial/Design. The group scaled back from live appearances and one year later returned with their first full-length album Sublimation. Penumbra Diffuse (2006) and Cortical Tectonics (2007) would followed before a line-up change featuring the absence of Simkins and the arrival of Chris Rushing (guitars/e-bow), Donnie Smith (synthesizers) and Gael Pirlot (bass) for The Atomized Dream (2008).

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The final line-up would feature Gael Pirlot (bass/theremin), Hunter Ginn (drums/percussion/programming), Nathan Sapp (guitars/guitar synthesizeresizeresizer/programming), Chris Rushing (guitars/e-bow) and Donnie Smith (keyboards/chapman stick) for Irradiance (2010). The act split up in 2011.

Since disbanding in 2011, the band reformed as The Universe Divide and The Burden of Existence featuring vocalist Narissa Wolke to releasing a self-titled album.

In 2013, the band announced a reunion with a new album in the works; the album has yet to appear.

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Canvas Solaris
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