Crionics (1997-2011): a Death Metal band from Cracow, Poland.


ormed in 1997, Crionics remained a phenomenon in Poland only until they launched their first CD EP, Beyond the Blazing Horizon in 2000 under the membership of Waran (Real Name: Michal Skotniczny; guitars/vocals), Bartosz "Bielmo" Bielewicz (guitars), Vac-V (Real Name: Wac?aw Borowiec; keyboards), Marcotic (Real Name: Marek Kowalski; bass) and Chemosh (Real Name: Maciej Zieba; drums) that landed them a tour with Vader, Behemoth, and others and got the attention of the London offices of 'Candelight Records'; Human Error: Ways To Self Destruction (2002) was the follow-up result.

Human Error: Ways To Self Destruction met with worldwide interest that encouraged the release of Armageddon's Evolution (2004; sans Marcotic - the bass role was vacant) and Neuthrone (2007; with a new guitar role and the vacant bass filled by Yanuary (Real Name: Dariusz Styczen)) featuring the mixed stylistic influences of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Emperor, Cannibal Corpse and their own twist of sci-fi futuristic death/black metal lyrics. A video was soon after completed for track 7 on Neu throne titled Humanmeat Cargo.

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The N.O.I.R. EP (2010) would be the band's swansong for they broke up less than a year later. The album would feature all band members, past and present, in a sort of new tracks merged with a compilation of old. The new members of note being: Quazarre (Real Name: Przemyslaw Tomasz Olbrytguitars; guitars: tracks 1-5/vocals: tracks 1-5/lyrics: tracks 1-3) and Frost/Brovar (Real Name: Rafal Brauer; bass: tracks 1-5).

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Dashboard for Crionics

Nation Poland
City Cracow
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1997-2011
Last Modified 2022-06-21
Diskery ID 241

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Cannibal Corpse Dimmu Borgir Emperor
Old Man's Child

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