Chorny Kofe


Chorny Kofe (1981-present): a Heavy Metal band from Moscow, Russia.


horny Kofe is Russian for "black coffee". Chorny Kofe is a Russian heavy metal band active since 1981 and survived the changeover from the Soviet Union. It is led by founder, guitarist and singer Dmitry Varshavsky. The band is featured in volume 5 of the Legends of Russian Rock anthology published by 'Moroz Records'. Over the years, the band has featured the membership of
Dmitry Varshavsky (vocals/guitars (1981-present))
Denis Ovchinnikov (bass (2019-present))
Andrey Ischenko (drums (2020-present))
Paul Rizhenkov (bass (1979-1981))
Mikhail Shevtsov (keyboards (1979-1986))
Alexey Korobkov (drums (1981-1982))
Fyodor Vasilyev (bass (1981-1986, 1990-1991, 1998-2002))
Andrew Shatunovskii (drums (1984, 1986, 1990))
Yuri Causeway (bass (1984))
Sergey Mavrin (guitar (1985-1986))
Maxim Oudalov (drums (1985-1986))
Andrew Hirnyk (bass (1986))
Alexander Bondarenko (drums (1986))
Andrei Rodin (drums (1986))
Sergey Chernyakov (drums (1986-1988))
Igor Kupriyanov (bass/vocals (1986-1990))
Stas Bartenev (guitar (1987))
Sergey Kudishin (rhythm guitar (1987, 1988))
Igor Andreev (rhythm guitar (1987-1988))
Andrew Peppers (drums (1988-1992))
Boris Dolgikh (keyboards (1989, 1996))
Dmitry Gorbatikov (guitar (1990))
Konstantin Veretennikov (guitar (1991-1992, 1999))
Pavel Markin (drums (1994-1995))
Alexander Bach (drums (1996))
Anatoly Abramov (drums (1998-2000, 2002-2007))
Paul Smeyan (keyboards/bass (1998-2008))
Sergey Efimov (drums (2000))
Sergey Dorovskoi (rhythm guitar (2000-2001))
Sergey Pochitalov (drums (2000-2002))
Yuri Mahin (bass (2002-2005))
Ivan Mikhailov (bass (2006-2008))
Nikolai Large (bass (2008-2013))
Dmitry Zawidow (drums (2007-2008))
Alexander Karpuhin (drums (2008))
Svyatoslav Chernuha (drums (2008-2009))
Vyacheslav Yadrikov (bass (2010))
Lev Gorbachev (bass (2013-2015))
Alexey Fetisov (bass (2014))
Denis Ovchinnikov (bass (2016)).

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Over their career they would release Come And Take Everything (1984), Sweet Angel) DEMO (1985), Bright Metal (1984/1986), Black Coffee) DEMO (1987), Step Over the Threshold (1987), Freedom for the Free (1989), "Golden Lady" (1991), Lady Autumn (1992), Drunk Moon (1996), White Wind (2002), They are Demons (2004), Alexandria (2007 (2009), Voucher to hell (2009), Honour and Fidelity (2013) and Autumn Album (2013).

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Dashboard for Chorny Kofe

Nation Russia
Location Moscow
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1981-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 2360

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