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Throne of Katarsis


Throne of Katarsis (2002-present): a Black Metal band from Kopervik, Rogaland, Norway.


lack metal act Throne Of Katarsis started in 2003 in Norway as a project to express purified and atmospheric black metal harping back to it's 1990s variations. Their debut, An Eternal Dark Horizon would arrive in early 2007 but lacked nothing due to it's small but efficient membership of Grimmisse (Real Name: Thor Erik Helgesen; all but drums) and Vardalv (drums). With the help of session musicians the act managed live shows, the first being in Oslow Norway in 2004.

Helvete - Det iskalde mørket (2009) would follow. When Ved graven (2011) arrived, the membership swelled to include Sanrabb (Real Name: Morten Furuly) who stood in as a second bassist, and Skinndød (Real Name: Edvard Andreas Feed) who played second guitar. This same membership would be at the helm for The Three Transcendental Keys (2013).

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