Arktida (2003-present): a Power Metal band from Moscow, Russia.


hey were founded in 2003 under the name of Arkaim but before releasing their first full-length album, they felt their name was not unique enough and changed it to the present Arktida. Originally, the act started out as the threesome under the membership of Alexander Tratsky (drums), Vladimir Lebedev (vocals) and Denis Boatmen (guitars). It would not be long before Basil Smolin (bass), Alexander Prikhodchenko (guitar) and Dimitry Mashkov (keyboards) joined. A set of demos soon followed, with their debut album proper arriving in 2008 titled On the Horizon. Indeed, over the band's career, they have boasted the membership of Vasily Smolin (bass; 2003-2006, 2012-2015), Alexander Tratsky (drums; 2003-2006), Alexander Prikhodchenko (guitars; 2003-2004), Denis Burlakov (guitars; 2003-2012), Vladimir Lebedev (vocals; 2003-2006), Valery Zolotayev (bass; 2006-2012), Alexander Ovchinnikov (drums; 2006-2012), Konstantin Savchenko (vocals; 2006-2012), Alexey Podgorny (guitars; 2012), Dmitry Chernikov (guitars; 2012-2013), Anton Volobrinsky (guitars; 2013-2016), Dmitriy Rodina (vocals; 2016), Sergey Ovchinnikov (bass; 2016-2018) and Sergey Podkosov (vocals; 2019-2020), with the current line-up of Dmitry Mashkov (Keyboards), Vladimir Alyoshkin (drums), Sergey Lobanov (vocals) and Vasily Koshelev (guitars), the latter two previously leaving and then re-joining the band.

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The albums Through the Centuries (2011), Remember (2015) and the EPs You Should Not Cry (2010), My Friend (2012) and Duty and Right (2017) would follow.

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Dashboard for Arktida

Nation Russia
Location Moscow
Genre Power Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2003-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 2347

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