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Krakatoa (2006-2010): a Thrash Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


fter vocalist Maxel Black (Real Name: Matthew Brearton; ex-(Penetrator, Mastery, Maniacal) left Penetrator due to artistic differences he would team up with T.C. Smith (Real Name: Tim Smith; ex-(Shangrila, Trechcoat Yuppies, Dementia, Fleshless, Choasmongers, Dragonslayer, Valkyries Cry); lead/rhythm guitar), Fernando "Inferno" Villalobos (ex-Shangrila; drums), and Darryl Cowgill (bass). All the members had extensive music careers in the Toronto area, especially Smith with over 20 years on guitar and broadcast experience on local TV and radio, and Black with his extensive songwriting and vocal credits. Named after the famous erupting volcano, the band made their debut in the Ballroom of the newly renovated Gladstone Hotel in Toronto's Parkdale district on January 20th, 2007; the same hotel that Black had filmed his first and only Penetrator video the year before, with Diskery Archives founder Derek McDonald as a guest actor. McDonald and Black were still buddies and were also together at this debut event, along with Jeff Dormer of Mastery.

After several months Devin Legge (lead/rhythm guitar) joined the act to complete the line-up and release their debut demo Infidels (2007) featuring two tracks. The act would struggle along for a few years before the members left to other projects; Black forming several cover bands and a new project of his own work.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Krakatoa with the Slovakian or American bands of the same name.

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Maxel Black performing with Krakatoa at their debut, January 20, 2007 at the Gladstone Hotel ballroom, Toronto, Canada.

(Image Source: Derek McDonald/Diskery)

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