Old Funeral


Old Funeral (1988-1992, 2015): a Death Metal band from Bergen, Norway.


lthough Old Funeral (originally named just Funeral until it was discovered that that name had been taken by a newer act so they re-named themselves to denote they were first) would be notable for the starting point of several famous Norwegian black metal musicians, none of them were in the band at the same time. Most notably of the lot were Vikernes and Abbath who where in the band together, but only for a short time, and never recorded together.

During the act's short existence the recordings are of the death metal ilk with only the last featuring a more black metal sound. Four songs from those sessions were eventually made available on The Older Ones compilation in 1999. The act only ever completed a single studio recording in the form of the EP, Devoured Carcass (1991).

A compilation bootleg was released in 2011 titled "Skin and Bone" featuring recordings taken from Abduction of Limbs (1990) demo, Devoured Carcass EP, 4 tracks from 1992 and a live performance in Bergen, Norway August 30th, 1991.

The band reformed for a one-off performance to play a festival on November 14th, 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

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Over their life span, the act would feature:
Olve "On the Egg" Eikemo(bass/vocals (1988-1990, 2015); Abbath ex-(Amputation, I, Bömbers, Immortal, Almost Funeral, Satanel)),
Padden (Real Name: Jan Atle Åserød; drums (1988-1992, 2015)/vocals (1991-1992); ex-Amputation, ex-Immortal (live)),
Tore Bratseth (guitars (1988-1992, 2015)/vocals (1991); ex-(Studfaust, The Batallion, Desekrator, Bömbers, Amok, Almost Funeral)),
Harald Nævdal (guitars (1988-1989); Demonaz, ex-(Amputation, I, Immortal)),
Jim Larsen (vocals (1988); ex-Det Hedenske Folk),
Kristian Vikernes (guitars (1990-1991); ex-(Burzum, Mayhem, Kalashnikov, Satanel, Uruk-Hai)),
Thorlak Sigvaldason (bass (1991-1992)) and Jørn Inge Tunsberg (guitars (1991-1992)).

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Dashboard for Old Funeral

Nation Norway
Location Bergen
Genre Death Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1988-1992, 2015
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 2335

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