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Fist (1979-present): a Hard Rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


anadian hard rock band Fist was founded in 1979 by guitarist/vocalist Ron Chenier, and throughout the course of the next decade or so was a popular touring act in Canada and abroad, though superstardom was never quite in the cards. This Fist had the misfortune of coming to market at the same time the more famed British NWOBHM act did. This caused market confusion and most likely stifled sales. Due to confusion with the British band, the Canadian Fist was relegated to releasing albums under the name Myofist, and in at least one case even the album name was different: case in point was 1981's Fleet Street also released under the Myofist name as Thunder In Rock.

Starting out with Jeff Nystrom (bass), Ron Chenier (vocals/guitars), John Chenier (drums) and Ed Eagan (keyboards) the act would debut with Round One (1979) and Hot Spikes (1980); the latter released on major A&M.

The line-up would now feature Ivan Tessier (keyboards) and Bob Patterson (drums) for Fleet Street (1981). But this line-up would change again for In the Red (1983). The line-up would next feature Cliff Davies (ex-Ted Nugent; drums; RIP: April 13, 2008, suicide, age 59) and eventually also include Bob Moffatt (bass), Mike Fenton (bass), Lynn Wells (bass), Andre Gauthier (drums) and Gary Thomas (drums) for Danger Zone (1985), Reign of Terror (1993), Loud Loud Loud (1995) and Bolted Door (2006).

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The band broke up in 1986, and in the intervening years Chenier would occasionally resurrect the band with a new lineup and occasional new albums as well, specifically Bolted Door (2006) featuring himself with Tom Mair (guitars), Nor Reinehc (bass), Laurie Curry (keyboards) and Kevin Radomsky (drums). Chenier has also served as a producer for other bands over the years.

For collectors there is an interesting mystery: albums titled Fist Anthology: Flying Under The Radar a 2xCD compilation issued by 'Ronch Music' and Alive (2013 & 2022 respectively) are rumored to exist but we have not been able to find any data on them.

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