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Legend (1978-1979, 2019-present): a Progressive Metal band from New Haven, Connecticut, USA.


tarting out as Jungle in 1978, Legend would release Fröm the Fjörds 1979 under the membership of Fred Melillo (bass), Raymond E. Frigon (drums/percussion/vocals (backing)) and Kevin Nugent (vocals/guitars; R.I.P. 1983). They split later that same year to return with Before the Fjords EP (2020) under the membership of Frigon with new bass player, John Judge. Nugent was credited with the recording as well even though he has passed away back in 2013. The EP was a former recording that only now got released. The other new members, Jesper Bunk (bass) and Martin Andersen (vocals/guitar) were not credited on it.

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