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Ankor (2003-present): a Power Metal band from Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.


t would be with the membership of David Romeu (guitars (lead)/vocals (backing)), Rubio (Real Name: Javier Casanova; keyboards), Jordi Vidal (Full Name: Jordi Vidal Brugerolles; drums), Rosa de la Cruz (vocals (lead, backing)), Expo (Real Name: Juan Expósito; rhythm guitar) and Josy (Real Name: José Alarcón Magdalena; bass/vocals (harsh)) for the release of No + Dolor EP (2007) and Al fin descansar (2008) before the release of My Own Angel (2011) with Julio Lopez (bass and Fito Martínez (guitars) as new members.

Last Song for Venus (2013) saw Julio Lopez (bass/vocals (harsh)) and Fito Martínez (guitars) arrive. Get on the Winner Horse! (2014) saw the arrival of Jessie Williams (vocals). Although their style started as power metal it was soon evolving into a more standard rock/heavy metal style. Beyond the Silence of These Years (2017) would follow with Ra Tache (drums/keyboards/vocals (backing)) and Jessie Williams (vocals (lead)) as the new members. White Dragon (2019) would come with the membership reduced to just four. A set of single track collaboration albums would follow, along with numerous singles.

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