Witchburner (1992-1993, 1996-present): a Thrash Metal band from Fulda, Hesse, Germany.


itchburner originally started out as a two-piece act in 1992 by Tankred Best (drums/vocals) and Florian Schmitt (guitars). After some time the first demo Future Tales was recorded but the demo has never been sold because of the arrangements and songs. Witchburner would split up shortly after, however, because Best was more interested in playing guitar in another thrash band called Drunken Devil with Tony Skudlarek. Drunken Devil split-up in 1996 and Best returned to restart his Witchburner project with Tony Skudlarek (bass) and Simon Seegel (guitar) in tow.

In 1996 the newly reformed Witchburner line-up went into the studio to record the self-financed debut CD Witchburner adding Simon Seegel (guitars) and Tony Skudlarek (bass) to the line-up.

Schmitt left the band and was replaced by Christoph Ungemach (guitar). In 1998 Witchburner went into the studio again to record their second CD Blapsphemic Assault (1998), which was released by German 'Undercover Records'. The record featured Patrick Kremer (vocals; track 10) due to the departure of Best due to some personal activities. Drummer Andreas Schäddel also made an appearance in the act at this time but his tenure was short lived for he left soon after. Several drummer changes occurred until Balor (Real Name: Jörg Schmidt) joined the band in 1999. But the line-up was still in flux, for Ungemach and Skudlarek also left the band. Both were replaced by the returning Tankred Best (guitar) and Andy Süss (bass). That September Witchburner entered the studio again to record two tracks from the Future Tales demo and the previously recorded Blood Is Flowing rehearsal-tape that would appear on the United Forces Of Metal Raging War Split-7 inch EP with Blizzard, released by the German 'Iron Bonehead Productions' and was limited to 666 copies.

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After the recording of the EP Best and Balor left the band again due to other musical activities, and were replaced by Volker Rössler (drums) and Udo Rucks (guitar). With the new line-up the band entered the studio in May 2001 to record their third full length, Incarnation Of Evil, their last for 'Undercover Records'. In November 2001 the Total Thrashing Madness Tour with Abigail (Japan) commenced. A Live 10 inch picture LP depicting the band entitled German Thrashing War was issued to commemorate the show and was released by the band themselves in March 2002; U.S. distribution handled by Stan Koson's 'R.I.P.' label. After the Tour, a new line-up change happened as Rössler and Rucks left the band due to personal reasons. The line-up now shifted to feature Patrick Kremer (vocals), Marcel (guitar), Felix Darnieder (drums), Simon Seegel (guitar) and Andy Süss (bass).

2002 saw the band on 'Maniacal Records' for the release of Arrival Of The Last Storm/Dead City EP and Behold The Legions Of Hell split EP with Derketa, Graveworm and Sadomaniac and Live Split live split with Abigail (Japan).

Andy would assume vocals for the release of Final Detonation (2005). Blood of Witches (2007) and Demons (2010) followed, a long with a bunch of split recordings.

Michael "Mächel" Frank and Pino Hecker took over lead guitars and vocals respectively for the release of Bloodthirsty Eyes (2013).

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Dashboard for Witchburner

Nation Germany
City Fulda, Hesse
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1992-1993, 1996-
Last Modified 2022-09-25
Diskery ID 216

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