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Hatesphere (2000-present): a Death Metal band from Aarhus, Midtjylland, Denmark.


n 1993 the three high-school mates: Jesper Moesgaard (drums), Claus Nielsen (vocals) and Frantz Dhin (guitar) started a band called Cauterized. None of the members had ever tried to play before, and started out playing cover tracks of their favorite bands such as Slayer and Sepultura. They quickly changed the name to Necrosis and continued rehearsing cover tracks in their humble rehearsing room in the local school in Odder, Denmark to eventually release three demos.

Somehow one little schoolboy named Peter Lyse Hansen got the message that Necrosis was searching for another death metal guitar-player and contacted them. He was accepted for the position and began by rehearsing Slayer tracks like Dead Skin Mask and Seasons In The Abyss, Hollowman by Entombed and Dead Embryonic Cells by Sepultura (apparently these early efforts were so bad that they have been erased).

Necrosis made their live debut in 1994 at music contests in Denmark that failed to be received well. Nonetheless, they started writing their own songs and in April released Condemned Future with Jan Borsing on the production in the old school death metal style! But shortly before this demo, Frantz had moved to Aalborg, as a replacement they got Jesper's brother, Jan, on the guitar. Because they had never had a bass player, Frantzagreed to help them out during the recordings. Later that year Frantz came back to the band this time taking care of the bass full time, and Necrosisplayed a couple of gigs with Frantz's band from Aalborg, Despondent Soul. In 1996 they played some gigs with punk act Cookypussand all girl band Papilla.The band then decided that vocalist Claus, was showing a growing lack of interest and although the band had never been really serious, the rest wanted a to go further than Claus, and they decided to kick him out.

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It didn't take long before a tall curly haired boy from Aarhus contacted them because he had read that they were searching for a new vocalist. His name was Jacob Bredahl and when they heard how he could sing, they immediately hired him in early 1997. Suddenly the song writing went much easier, and later that year the second demo Disconnected '97 (1997) was made. Again they used Borsing Recordings, but this time with Tue Madsen (of Grope) producing it. This, in conjunction with improved song writing, made this demo come out much better than the debut. The style was more experimental and faster. But business decisions were made when the initial contract offers were refused, decisions that proved to be beneficial.

The band decided to continue working on their new fast and melodic style and in 1998 they recorded their third and self produced demo, Spring '98 (1998). Everything had been improved, and suddenly the band had found a path to follow. The demo was sent to various labels, but no one took the bite! There was one man showing a little interest, however. His name was Jacob Hansen (Ex-Invocator) and at that time he had his own now defunct Denmark record label, 'Serious Entertainment'. He released a compilation series called Extremity Rising containing unsigned acts from Denmark, and he wanted Necrosis to record a track for the forthcoming Extremity Rising Vol.4. But before that could happen, another member was kicked out. For a long time the band had felt, that Frantz wasn't fitting in the band anymore and in the spring of 1999 a new bass player, Mikael Ehlert Hansen, was found. Shortly after that, they entered Borsing Recordings again to record the song Addicted Soul for the aforementioned sampler. The song made such a great impression on Jacob Hansen, that he decided to give them a record deal on his own label. Shortly before this, however, another member had disappeared: Jan didn't want to play this kind of music anymore and he felt he had to make too many compromises and therefore he decided to leave. In his place old axe man, Ziggy was found and together with him the song writing for the album began. Not only should they write songs for the album, but another thing had to be solved at the same time... a new name for the band and the band Necrosis was now known as Hatesphere.

In March 2000, Hatesphere entered the studio to record their long awaited debut eponymous album under the membership of Peter "Pepe" Lyse Hansen (guitars), Mikael Ehlert Hansen (bass), Jesper Moesgaard (drums), Jacob Bredahl (vocals) and Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen (guitars). The recording was done in just 11 days, and the album was ready to be released... so they thought! But due to economical problems Mr. Hansen's record label had to shut down and suddenly Hatesphere had an album just ready to release, but no one to release it! A very frustrating situation, but the band wasn't ready to give up. ...and after a tour with gigs featuring Testament, Anathema and Mayhem in Manchester, UK Italian label, 'Scarlet Records', heard the album and were willing to give Hatesphere a deal. Around Christmas time 2000, the contract was signed, and finally the album was ready to be released. Around the same time a new drummer was found. The man with "the big nose", Morten Toft Hansen, was the new man behind the drum kit to replace Moesgaard. Finally on the 16th of April 2001, almost a year after the recording sessions, the album was released.

May 2002, Hatesphere entered Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, Denmark with producer Tommy Hansen to record their second album entitled Bloodred Hatred. The music had developed into a more fast Thrashy style that was well received, and that meant that the band got the chance to tour properly this time, but not before guitarist Ziggy left the band shortly before the album's completion to be replaced with haste with Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen from fellow Danish death metallers, Koldborn. After a set of tours covering various parts of Europe, drummer Morten Toft Hansen left the band, because he didn't have the time for two bands anymore (he is also in Raunchy) and in haste Anders Gyldenøhr from Danish rockers Grope fit the bill. The EP 2003 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Black (2003) and Ballet Of The Brute (2004) would follow, as would Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Black EP (2003), Ballet Of The Brute (2004), The Killing EP EP (2005), The Sickness Within (2005) and Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes (2007).

For To the Nines (2009), the line-up had shifted with the entire band, sans Hansen ousted and replaced with Jakob Nyholm (guitars), Mixen Lindberg (bass), Dennis Buhl (drums) and Jonathan "Joller" Albrechtsen (vocals), but by the follow-up, The Great Bludgeoning (2011), the line-up shifted again with Mike Park Nielsen (drums), Esben "Esse" Elnegaard Kjaer Hansen (vocals) and Jimmy Nedergaard (bass). This line-up would remain stable through Murderlust (2013) and New Hell (2015) before Kasper Kirkegaard assumed the second guitar slot on Kapitalismen EP (2018) and Reduced to Flesh (2018).

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Nation Denmark
Location Aarhus, Midtjylland
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2000-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 1158

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