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Sanity's Void


Sanity's Void (1992-1995, 1997-present): a Thrash Metal band from San Diago, California, USA.


ounded in 1992 Sanity's Void took their name from a song by a prior band called Espionage that Mike Dietz played bass for. The original line up of Sanity's Void consisted of Mike Paz (drums), Mike Dietz (bass), George Gallo (guitar), Chris Morgan (guitar) and Greg Goudey (vocals) but after the recording of the first demo the band parted ways with co-founder Chris Morgan for Dwane Bihary who came into the band as a rhythm guitarist.

After dozens of live shows, drawing 80 to 120 heads most venues, being booked with such acts as The Mentors, Psychotic Waltz, Blackness, Stretcher, Sprung Monkey, Brick Bath (then Epitaph), radio air play, a record deal that they declined, they broke up in 1995 due to musical differences and personal disputes.

After some time off there was an unsuccessful attempt to reform the act in early 1997 with George Gallo and Mike Dietz as the only original members, bass player Mike Dietz called an ex-band mate and drummer Paul McGee from the earlier band Espionage. The idea was to come together to resurrect the new Sanity's Void as the death metal act: Mike.

Dietz had not been able to explore under the original line-up. Thrash metal was still king but Dietz saw the future as death metal.

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The ex-rhythm section of Espionage started immediately writing songs without a guitarist. Soon they had five songs down and the time to add a guitar player had arrived. After numerous attempts with no luck, Rob Kaufman one of the guitarists involved in the failed reformation of Sanity's Void just months prior called bassist Dietz out of the blue to ask about jamming. Kaufman's sound and personality was soon realized to be ideal for the band and he joined officially in late 1997.

At this point the band began incorporating Kaufman's songs and style into the band's sound. After the band secured it's own office space they freed themselves of the expensive costs of renting a studio and could take their time at producing material. By October of 1998 Sanity's Void had picked up its final member, a 17-year-old guitarist by the name of Joe... to play lead guitar for the band. Rob Kaufman's brother Bill Kaufmanlater replaced Joe.

But the late 1990s was a tough time for the band as San Diego saw its heavy metal scene decline in favor of the new style punk bands and founder Mike Dietz left town to relocate in Idaho but without a replacement in the band a year later, Dietz re-joined the band and plans were made to record a CD with a relocation back to San Diego to top it all off.

Unfettered by the flip-flop offerings, Sanity's Void continued on with a mostly thrash aggressive metal sound to attend new gigs and release their Law Of The Masses promo CD (2003) with And Death Shall Befall Them planned to follow with the settled current line-up of Rob Kaufman, Paul McGee and Mike Dietz with studio musician Mike Russo leaving recently.

Footnote: Former guitarist Dwane Bihairy recently joined Ripper Owens' (ex-Judas Priest) new band Beyond Fear.

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Sanity's Void

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