Warrior (1979-1984, 2014-present): a NWOBHM band from Newcastle, UK.


his UK incarnation of Warrior started with Rob Mills (R.I.P. bike accident; drums), Baz Smith (bass), Dave Dawson (guitars), Tony Watson (guitars; R.I.P. of heart attack) and Ed Halliday (vocals) to release Dead When It Comes to Love EP (1982) and the live set Live in a Dive! (1983) before the membership changed to feature Sean Taylor (drums), Steve Telford (bass) on the For Europe Only (1983) EP, and again with Paul Irwin (bass) and Martin Clerkin (vocals) for the Breakout EP (1984) before the band split.

In 2014 Warrior reformed to release the EP Oblivion (2014) with the membership of David Dawson (guitars) and Ed Halliday (vocals) along side new members Duncan Emmerson (bass/vocals (backing)) and Gwaether Bloom (guitars/vocals (backing)).

After the compilation, Resurrected (2016), the membership would change to Dawson and Halliday along side Gwaether Bloom (guitars), Elliot Sneddon (drums) and Duncan Emmerson (bass) for the release of Invasion Imminent (2017). For Boudica (2020) William Baxter had assumed drums.

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Dashboard for Warrior

Nation UK
City Newcastle
Formations 2
Active Years 1979-1984, 2014-
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Diskery ID 2020

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