Psyco Drama

Psyco Drama (1990-1999): a Progressive Metal band from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.


olorado band Psyco Drama, consisting of Hercules J. Castro (guitar/piano/vocals), Bart Barlettano (guitar), Brian Dail (bass), Corey Brown (vocals)and MacKenzie Kerr (drums) came onto the scene in 1990 and quickly went to work establishing themselves. They started by getting on Concrete Merketing's 'Top 10 Unsigned Bands' list in 1993. 1995 would see their first demo sell over 3000 copies. Not to be under done, two years later their premier album, The Illusion, featuring cover art of the two theatre faces horribly disfigured and bathedin a purple hue, was launched. The album was a blend of hooks and melodies combined with progressive passages similar to that of Queensryche and Fates Warning. It proved to be a work of firm, solid progressive metal that received acclaim and international distribution. Matching an incredible first effort, however, has proven difficult time and time again for artists of any stripe and Psyco Drama fell victim all the same for their 1999 release, Bent, didn't fair as well. Engineered by Juan Croucier (ex-bassist in Ratt), it offered a '90's sound, progressive guitar work and dynamic vocals, but the media failed to see it's entertainment value, it would seem,and labeled the release as too slow moving or just plain flat. For a time distribution in Europe had been attained but none for the USA. Member changes loomed, and after struggling with it all they called it quits shortly later and left the stage.

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Artist Dashboard

Nation USA
City Colorado Springs, Colorado
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1990-1999
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2021-10-23
Diskery ID 2

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