My Bloody Valentine


My Bloody Valentine (1983-1997, 2007-present): a Rock band from Dublin, Ireland.


y Bloody Valentine formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1983. After a few starting line-ups, by 1987 and since, its membership has consisted of Kevin Shields (vocals, guitar, sampler) and Colm Ó Cíosóig (drums, sampler), Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitar) and Debbie Googe (bass) to sign to 'Creation Records' in 1988 after being with 'Tycoon' and 'Lazy'. In 1992 they would sign to 'Island Records' for a reported £250,000 contract; the advance going towards the construction of a home studio in Streatham, South London, in April 1993.

The origins of the band name is unknown other than a random selection list provided by original vocalist David Conway. Since, Shields, however, has claimed he was unaware that My Bloody Valentine was the title of a 1981 Canadian slasher film and that that was not the origin.

My Bloody Valentine would become regarded by some as the pioneers of the alternative rock subgenre known as shoegazing, coined by Sounds magazine journalists to describe certain bands who featured a "motionless performing style, where they stood on stage and stared at the floor."

Between 1995 and 1997 the membership splintered one at a time, to reform in 2007.

After releasing their debut mini-album, This Is Your Bloody Valentine (1985), the live set Man You Love to Hate - Live (1985), and the follow-up mini, Ecstasy (1987), My Bloody Valentine would release EPs in the form of Geek! (1985), The New Record by My Bloody Valentine (1986), You Made Me Realise (1988), Glider (1990) and Tremolo (1991), along with the studio albums Isn't Anything (1988), Loveless (1991; the album that became considered their premier work), and m b v (2013), along with several mini-albums.

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My Bloody Valentine
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Dashboard for My Bloody Valentine

Nation Ireland
City Dublin
Genre Rock
Formations 2
Active Years 1983-1997, 2007-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 1987

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My Bloody Valentine


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