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Wrathchild (1980-1990, 2005-2009, 2009-2013): a Glam Metal band from Evesham, UK.


riginally formed as a Black Sabbath influenced band, it would be two years before Wrathchild emerged in the oldies scene. They started with Rocky Shades (vocals), Marc Angel (bass), and were soon after joined by Lance Rocket (ex-Madusa; guitar) and Eddie Starr (drums). They quickly after released a 12" EP Rock The Down on 'Bullet Records' and toured heavily to promote it. By 1993 their melodramatic live show clearly depicted their perfected Kiss and Angel influences. They then earned a spot on 'heavy metal Records', but the subsequent release,Stakk Attakk (1984), featured a flat sound not representative of them. This problem was further compounded by a long legal battle with the record company that would almost destroy the band. During this time, the indie label 'Dojo' released the compilation Trash Queen (1985) featuring their earlier work which was of far better quality then they were producing at the time; this injury was further compounded by this record featuring their remake of their own definitive Trash Queen track, competing with the original, one of the few tracks that got them any fame.

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It would be in 1988 when the problems were settled with the aptly titled The Bizz Suxx (But We Don't Care) single. The Nukklear Rockket single was also released, and followed by a tour that featured less pizzazz then their past ones. Their 1989 release, Delirium, featuring Grim Reaper's Steve Grimmet on backing vocals, did not fare well against the now established acts like Motley Crue. This failure was further compounded by yet another legal battle, this time against an American Thrash act using the same name. They won their battle, with the other band being forced to append "America" to their name, but it was too little too late. Soon after the release, Rocky Shades left to join the punk band Discharge and with the onset of grunge rendering the whole Glam movement obsolete, Wrathchild faded away shortly later.

In 2005 Marc Angel and Eddie Star got back together along with original guitarist Phil 'Wrathchild' Vokins and recruited vocalist Gaz 'Psychowrath' Harris, formerly of the band Beyond Recognition. This new line-up went under the name Psychowrath until 2009, then acquired the trademarks for "Wrathchild" and "Wrathchild UK" and reverted to using their original name Wrathchild with Stakkattakktwo resulting in 2011. The band finally split in 2013.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Wrathchild with an American outfit of the same name. The Diskery database does not append "(UK)" to this version of the name because the members of this incarnation of "Wrathchild" are the legal owners of the non-appended name that can be proven via common research.

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Dashboard for Wrathchild

Nation UK
Location Evesham
Genre Glam Metal
Formations 3
Active Years 1980-1990, 2005-2009, 2009-2013
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 314

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