Hatebreed (1994-present): a Metalcore band from Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.


his act was first seen in 1994 by recording a three song demo and selling it to locals under the membership of Jamey Jasta (lead vocals), Larry Dwyer, Jr. (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Dave Russo (drums) and Chris Beattie (bass). Those three songs would eventually be released on a split seven-inch with New York's Neglect in 1995. They followed that recording up with the Under the Knife EP (1996).

Their debut album proper, Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, would arrive in 1997 on 'Victory Records', then the home of some of the biggest bands in American hardcore and, at the time, the album sold more copies than any other debut in the history of the record company. The album also saw the membership shift with Nick "Nickel P" Papantoniou (drums), Matt McIntosh (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Lou Richards (rhythm guitar/backing vocals; R.I.P. 2006). Soon after, Sean Martin (lead guitar, backing vocals) took over from McIntosh.

Tours with Slayer, Deftones, Entombed and Napalm Death now influenced their music and brought Hatebreed the attention of non-hardcore fans. These influences remained apparent on the band's next two releases, Perseverance (2002) and The Rise of Brutality (2003). These albums would also see the arrival of Matt Byrne on drums. Before the album's release, the drum stool had two occupants, however, in the form of Jamie "Pushbutton" Muckinhaupt and Rigg Ross. The album also saw the departure of Richards.

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December 2004 saw Hatebreed nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance at the 47th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles for their song Live for This, from their album The Rise of Brutality. The award was ultimately given to Motorhead for their cover of the Metallica song Whiplash from Metallic Attack: The Ultimate Tribute album.

Supremacy (2006) would follow. Former member Lou Richards would die later that year, however, by suicide at the age of 35.

The cover album, For the Lions (2009) followed, but not long after its release Martin quit to pursue other interests. The album had seen the arrival Frank Novinec (rhythm guitar/backing vocals). Wayne Lozinak (lead guitar/backing vocals) would return to replace Martin.

Hatebreed (2009), The Divinity of Purpose (2013) and The Concrete Confessional (2016) followed.

In a CNN article published on August 8, 2012, Hatebreed was accused of being a white supremacist band in the aftermath of the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, perpetrated by a white supremacist musician. The band disavowed any racist sentiments and expressed deep disappointment in the US cable news channel on Twitter. CNN later recanted and removed Hatebreed's name from the piece and apologized for the mistake.

In 2016, former drummer Nick "Nickel P" Papantoniou was sentenced to 45 years in prison after being convicted of felony murder.

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Hatebreed performing in 2016.
Photo by: Jax 0677
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Dashboard for Hatebreed

Nation USA
City Bridgeport, Connecticut
Genre Metalcore
Formations 1
Active Years 1994-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 1968

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Napalm Death Slayer

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Hatebreed performing in 2016.
Photo by: Jax 0677
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

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