Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat (1986-1991, 2018-2021, 2021-present): a Thrash Metal band from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.


amed after the massive ancient temple complex in Cambodia, this Angkor Wat performed a thrash metal/death metal hybrid music under the original membership of Adam "(King) Bunnie" Grossman guitars/bass/vocals), Dave "Dee" Brinkmann (vocals), Danny "Edith Bunker" Lohner (guitars/bass), Dave 'Bambi' Nuss (drums/vocals; drums was previously held by Pete Young) and Mike Trevino (bass). They would make their debut on the Complete Death II compilation album in 1987 before releasing When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake! in 1989 with Mike Titsworth on bass. Titsworth would be gone, leaving the band as he threesome whereby Adam Grossman would assume bass as well as share guitar duties, vocals, and the newly formed Samples position for the release of the album named after their home town, Corpus Christi (1990). The band would split soon after. The When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake!/Corpus Christi compilation would be released posthumously in 1995.

They would reform in 2018 under the guidance of the returning Trevino along with Dave Nuss (drums), Dave Brinkam (vocals) and Mike Titsworth (guitars/vocals) for the Worst Enemy EP (2021). They would split again in 2021 to reform under the name The Real Angkor Wat.

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Angkor Wat
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Dashboard for Angkor Wat

Nation USA
Location Corpus Christi, Texas
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 3
Active Years 1986-1991, 2018-2021, 2021-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 1844

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Angkor Wat
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