I (2005-2006): a Black Metal band from Bergen, Norway.


he group simply named I (yes the letter I) was the idea of Immortal (Norway) mainman Abbath (Real Name: Olve Eikemo; guitars/vocals; of-Abbath/ex-Immortal (Norway)/ex-Old Funeral) who assembled a crew of men, all veterans of the Norwegian metal scene, to form a sort of super group featuring fellow members of Ice Dale (Real Name: Arve Isdal; guitars; ex-of-(Audrey Horne, Demonaz, Enslaved, Malignant Eternal, Ov Hell, Trinacria)), T.C. King (Real Name: Tom Cato Visnes; bass; ex-(Abbath, Audrey Horne, Gorgoroth, Jotunspor, Ov Hell, Sahg) and Armagedda (Real Name: Gerhard Herfindal; drums; of-Demonaz).

Although the sole album from this group, Between Two Worlds (2006), was not a continuation of the Immortal (Norway) sound, it was not a complete abandoning either described often as, "Blackened heavy metal". There are black metal influences, however, the song structures were more straightforward coupled with a pace more in-line with traditional heavy metal; a description once given would be Motorhead meets Enslaved.

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As quickly as he formed the band, Abbath would close it when he went back to Immortal (Norway) for a time until he and Demonaz of that band had a falling out; Abbath would go on to his own self-titled act.

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Dashboard for I

Nation Norway
City Bergen
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2005-2006
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Diskery ID 1838

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Abbath Enslaved Immortal

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