Ash Lee Blade


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Ash Lee Blade (2004-2012): a Heavy Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


he man known as Ash Lee Blade was previously known as Eric Tchort, founding member of the band Tchort, a well known band in Toronto's metal scene. During Tchort's reign they performed with such acts as: Kyuss, Sepultura, Quiet Riot, King Diamond, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen to name a few. After much success Tchort split up and morphed into two new bands: The Illuminati and Cloven Blade, of which Ash was the singer. Cloven Blade went on to record a full-length album that never saw release but it would drop the seed that would become the act known as Ash Lee Blade; a line-up featuring Ash Lee Blade (Real Name: Eric Coucke; vocals) , D.D. Murley (Real Name: Dennis Murley; guitar; who replaced Jr Blade (Real Name: Ryann Tunn)), Necro hippie (Real Name: Jeff "Chi" Barker; bass), and Jim Gering (drums). In 2006 the band had already promoted itself extensively, even sharing the stage with the likes of W.A.S.P. before completing their debut 2007 effort, Ash Lee Blade EP, with Bradley Blade (Real Name: Brad McNeice) on drums. Toronto's Boomtang Boys (Bif Naked, Econoline Crush), would also participate, a rather unlikely choice of dance music producers for a hard rock/heavy metal band.

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Suck the Blade would follow in 2010 with J.J. Blade now on drums. The act would split in 2012. Of note: Jason Decay (Real Name: Jason Junop; ex-Cauldron and Goat Horn) would briefly be featured on drums in 2006. The band failed to record again and split in 2012. J.J. Blade and Necro hippie would go on to form Phantom that same year.

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Ash Lee Blade
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Dashboard for Ash Lee Blade

Nation Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2004-2012
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 1430

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Quiet Riot Sepultura W.A.S.P.
Yngwie J. Malmsteen

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Ash Lee Blade


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