Endless Pain


Endless Pain (2001-present): a Thrash Metal band from Italy.


ndless Pain was born at the end of 2001 from the ashes of Nuclear Storm when Max Juso (vocals) and Beppe (Real Name: Giuseppe Alpori; guitar) came together with Eddy (drums). But Eddy would soon leave when the band changed their name to Endless Pain, in an effort to permanently drop their past and start a new. Stefano Zani (guitar) joined just prior to the new name taking hold leaving only the arrival of Luigi Faglia to take over the drum slot, and Enrico Benedetti to join on bass. Endless Pain would offer a thrash metal style of the past, especially that of the German scene of the early 1980s (Sodom, Destruction (Germany), Kreator, and the like). Their work would naturally also drift into the styles of some of the sound masters like Slayer even covering some of their songs.

September 2002 saw the release of their debut self-produced demo The Cruel Way Of War and live performances playing with Exsecratum, Hatework and other bands. Their first, and thus far only live album, The Cruel Way of Live, would follow later that same year.

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In June 2003 Endless Pain's full-length second demo Shotgun Carnage, would be released with Antonello Lorandi as vocalist. Later that same year they were invited to several festival events around Italy performing with Destruction (Germany), Dismember, Tankard, Slayer and Anthrax before releasing their debut album Born In Violence (2005). Juso would then leave the band to be replaced by Antonello Lorandi for De-Generation War (2008).

Tito Listorti would assume vocals for the follow-up EP, Course of Hate (2009), while Chronicles of Death (2011) would see Mattia Fusaro assume drums. Cosa Nostra (2015) would follow.

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Endless Pain

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Dashboard for Endless Pain

Nation Italy
City Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2001-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Promotional Address Endless Pain. C/O:
Mystical Promotion. C.P.
353. 54033 - Carrara (MS)
Diskery ID 180

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Endless Pain

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