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Blaze Bayley


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Blaze Bayley (1999-2007, 2007-present): a Heavy Metal band from Birmingham, UK.


raditionally Blaze Bayley's (born Bayley Alexander Cooke; 29 May 1963) career had been one of "should have, could have". His former act Wolfsbane should have been big, but it wasn't and his subsequent move to Iron Maiden could have been successful but it wasn't, so on his own and under his own moniker of Blaze, he hoped to finally achieve the musical holy grail and although he has far to go, potential is there.

The style here was undeniably British, with slight nods to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but maintaining his independence from either forming a no-nonsense metal sound. Featuring the membership of Blaze Bayley ex-Wolfsbane/ex-Iron Maiden), Steve Wray (guitar), John Slater(guitar), Wayne Banks (bass; replacing original member Rob Naylor) and Jeff Singer (drums) he would release Silicon Messiah (2000), Tenth Dimension (2002) and his debut live set, As Live As It Gets (2003). Blood And Belief (2004) would see him returning to his studio for the last time under this name.

After the dissolution of Blaze in January 2007, Blaze Bayley formed a new band in the same style but now using his full name. The membership at the time included David Bermudez (bass), Lawrence "Larry" Paterson (drums), Rico Banderra (drums), Jay Walsh (guitars), Rick Newport (guitars) and Nicolas Bermudez (guitars) but after 2011 the project became a solo project when the band were fired after Paterson (who was also a published author) left; The Best of Blaze Bayley compilation (2008) celebrated this period that was followed by The Man Who Would Not Die (2008).

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Along with a few studio recordings using session musicians, there was a tremendous number of live albums in the discography:
The Night That Will Not Die live (2009)
Promise and Terror (2010)
The King of Metal (2012)
Russian Holiday (2013)
Alive in Poland live (2013)
Soundtracks of My Life compilation (2013)
Live at the Asylum Birmingham 27?/?07/?12 - Official Bootleg live (2014)
Live at MetalFest JB's, Dudley, UK 25th September 2009 live (2014)
Live - The Kings Head - Fulham, London - 18th January 2003 live (2014)
Live - Crowley's rock Bar - Swansea - 7th November 2014 live (2014)
Collosseum Music Pub, Košice, Slovakia - 19?/?09/?2014 live (2015)
JB's, Dudley - 6th February 2010 live (2015)
Live in Moscow - 26th February 2012 live (2015)
Live at WizzFest Belgium - 19th March 2011 live (2015)
Live at Festival de Vouziers - 1st November 2014 live (2015)
Live - Aonia Festival - Birmingham - 3rd May 2015 live (2015)
Live at Alderley Edge - 10th January 2015 live (2015)
Live - Malmo, Sweden - 4th April 2001 live (2015)
Infinite Entanglement (2016)
Live in Geleen, Netherlands Café de Meister 27 March 2016 live (2016)
Endure and Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II) (2017)
B L A Z E Centre Culturel, Eloyes France Live (2017) and
The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III) (2018).

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