Andhrimnir (2000-present): a Black Metal band from Birmingham, UK.


erforming songs of Viking folklore, fictional and otherwise, Andhrimnir is a black metal band specializing in what is commonly referred to as "Viking Metal". This Birmingham, UK act featuring Lifthrasir (bass), Uitgs the Troll (drums), Sahrimnir (guitars), Necro Clit Bashir (guitars (rhythm)) and Andhrimnir (vocals) would release Five Fingers of Loki demo (2000) and Winter Blasphemies EP (2004).

Footnote: A quick lesson in Viking folklore: Andhrimnir is the cook in Valhalla that slaughters a boar named Saehrimnir every night to feed the Einherjer (the glorious warriors of the dead - literally translated means "the first warriors") when they are awoken. Oh yeah, and Loki is an adopted son of Odin - the all wise father of the Viking family of gods. Loki is a trickster and a shape-shifter (who often prefers the form of a dog) and the reason Odin has only one eye (re: the whole 'Well of Wisodom' business). OH! and BTW: The computer that Diskery is programmed on is also named Odin.

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Dashboard for Andhrimnir

Nation UK
City Birmingham
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2000-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 1772

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