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Tvangeste (1997-2005, 2014-present): a Black Metal band from Kaliningrad, Russia.


roposed for sometime Tvangeste finally came together in 1997 when Michael "Miron" Chirva (guitars/vocals), Klaus (guitars - would leave in less than a year and subsequently die in 2009), Edgar Pavelcikas (bass/vocals), Julia Emelyanova (keyboards), Nikolay Kazmin (guitar) and Andrey Mekhur (drums) gathered in one place and started rehearsals resulting in their 1997 single Blood Dreams. The line-up, however, had been reduced to Chirva (guitar/vocals/bass/drums/programming), Viktoria Kulbachnaya (keyboards) and Nikolay Kazmin (guitar/bass) for their 1998 demo Thinking.

By their proper debut album, Damnation Of Regiomontum (2000; released in 2001 on the Norwegian 'Valgalder' label), the line-up was augmented with Chirva, Kazmin and Koulbachnaya returning, with Vanoe Mayoroff (bass/guitars; R.I.P. 2016), along with guests Anna (cello) and Olaa (female vocals). The next album, FireStorm emerged on the 'World Chaos' roster in 2003 with Max Naumoff taking bass and featuring Michael "Miron" Chirva's wife Naturelle Chirva on vocals and keyboards.

Although still listed as active they have been silent since. The Chirva's moved to Canada in 2005 causing a closing of the entire membership. They would restart in Canada under the same name and the membership of the Chivra's and Jørn Øyhus (drums) joining in 2014.

Footnote: The band's name comes from Twangste (also spelled as Tuwangste, Tvankste or Twankste), an Old Prussian word meaning "Dam".

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Dashboard for Tvangeste

Nation Russia
Location Kaliningrad
Genre Black Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1997-2005, 2014-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1190

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