The Moffatts


The Moffatts (1987-2001, 2003, 2012, 2016-present): a Pop band from Tumbler-Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


hat would form into pop rock group The Moffatts would start as a country act featuring brothers Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave Moffatt during their childhood, much in the way The Jackson Five would do. But, by their teens, the group dropped out of the country genre and dumped the back-up band to try pop rock using their own instruments with Chapter I: A New Beginning (1998) featuring Scott (lead guitar), Clint (bass), Dave (keyboards) and Bob (drums); lead vocals on the album would be shared between Scott and Dave. The album would eventually sell more than six million copies worldwide and brushed with double platinum status in their native Canada; the single, Until You Loved Me, appeared in the Drew Barrymore film, Never Been Kissed.

The follow-up album, Submodalities (2000), would follow featuring a further drift into classic/harder-edged rock; this transition between the bubblegum pop of their prior album and the harder edge of the new was captured in the 2001 documentary, The Moffatts: Closing of Chapter One.

The new found success was not to last, however, when, after a concert in London, Ontario the act split on August 25, 2001. Bob and Clint Moffatt would then briefly join Pusch as well as being featured at the 2002 Winter Olympics; their band was later renamed Hidell to release one album before splitting up after a year.

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In 2004, Bob and Clint "reunited" under the name "The Moffatts" for the the Canadian Pacific Railway's "Holiday Train" program, a mobile fundraiser for community food banks; in 2005, Scott joined the tour after which Scott Moffatt resurfaced in Ontario-based band The Boston Post, named after the newspaper of the same name.

Best of The Moffatts compilation would follow in 2006.

November 2012, The Moffatts were featured in LG's online ad campaign, "Life's Good" with the track Bang Bang Boom featuring modified composition and lyrics to suit the ad campaign.

The Moffatts would reunite for an online Christmas show, Stageit, in 2012. The set list included Christmas carols and songs picked by fans from the entire Moffatts' catalog.

On October 30, 2016, Bob and Clint Moffatt announced that they would be reuniting once again for a one-time concert with Scott Moffatt but without Dave for a tour of Asia. Asia seemed to be a welcoming venue for the act for soon after they signed to 'Bec-Tero Music', Thailand; the single Secrets (2018) followed. Dave would then rejoin the act for what, thus far, has proven to be a stable and permanent new reformation.

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The Moffatts
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Dashboard for The Moffatts

Nation Canada
City Tumbler-Ridge, British Columbia
Genre Pop
Formations 4
Active Years 1987-2001, 2003, 2012, 2016-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 1734

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The Moffatts


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