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00TZ 00TZ (2008-present): a Industrial Metal band from USA.


ddly named 00tz 00tz (spelled with zeros & pronounced like the sound of the beat in electronic music, namely Industrial music) is an Industrial band that came to be in late 2008. 00tz 00tz started primarily as an instrumental act headed by (then) sole member Nicky Phoenix (synthesizeresizeresizers/guitars/drums/Programming/vocals). Later, the addition of vocalist and writer Krysta Veronica Button (vocals/Lyrics/Samples/Arrangements), 00tz 00tz evolved to include vocals and became popular in the cyber-goth and rave scenes. Incorporating hard pounding beats, flashy melodic synthesizeresizeresizers, and thought provoking vocals, their sound and live performances offered a new perspective in the genre.

Thus far they have released:
Death by Numbers (August 29, 2009) released by 'Aural Alchemy' would be, the debut, featured a fury of harsh grooves, distorted beats & synthesizeresizeresizers of instrumental only music.

Frequency Damage (October 5, 2010) would follow comprising of Industrial Music now featuring full vocals by Krysta Veronica Button, along with a few additional vocals by Nicky Phoenix and various added samples.

Frequency Repaired (February 15, 2011) was an EP of remixes by other Industrial artists: Assemblage 23, Aesthetic Perfection and others.

Alter Eden would be their first on 'Nilaihah Records'. Released on September 18, 2012, the album took on new melodic styling over the past releases and proved to be a very mature sounding release.

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Poisoned Minds and Broken Hearts (April 21, 2015), back on 'Aural Alchemy', featured a large menu of diversified electronic music and hooky vocal melodies.

Obscura (August 21, 2017) was a collection of obscure music left off of previous releases and re-recorded. Obscura was not a remix album but a wholly new studio album in its own right and stuck to the band's original approach while not conforming into a cookie-cutter mold. Different arrays of sounds, styles, and approaches were reflected within this release. Drifting into more traditional music styles, Obscura featured more guitars, broader drum work and fore-fronted vocals making it sound much like a black metal album than the pure industrial bent the act had taken in the past.

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00TZ 00TZ
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Nation USA
Location Unknown
Genre Industrial Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2008-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1728

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00TZ 00TZ
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