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Blasphemer (1990-1995, 2014-present): a Doom Metal band from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.


he story of Blasphemer comes in two parts. Under the original formation they would release a set of demos Demo '92 (1992), Demo '94 (a.k.a. Dominion; 1994) and Demo '95 (1995) before renaming themselves as Dominion.

After Dominion (UK) broke up the act started again to release Blasphemer Demos 92-95 compilation (2001), Blasphemer (2017) and Lust of the Goat (2018) with a whole bunch of demos in between.

During the act's double tenure, the membership has featured Cristiniano Cagna (guitars/vocals; 1990-1995, 2014-present; ex-Dominion/ex-Empyreal Destroyer)
Matthew "Mass" Firth (guitars/vocals; 1990-1995, 2014-present; of-Ebonylake/Vomitous/ex-Narcotic Death/ex-Nailed/ex-Dominion/of-Hell Frost)
Dale Brown (bass; 2015-present; ex-Masochist/ex-Scryre)
Dan "Storm" Mullins (drums; 2015-present; ex-My Dying Bride/ex-Sermon of Hypocrisy)
Andrew Miller (drums; (1990-1995)
Rich Wilson (vocals; 1991-1992)
Jason Wright (bass; 1993-1994)
Dan North (bass; 1994-1995; ex-Dominion/ex-Brody)
Lee Walker (bass/vocals)
Dan Clarke (drums).

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