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Ultra Mayhem


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Ultra Mayhem (1998-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-present): a Power Metal band from Riihimäki, Kanta-Häme, Finland.


aptized in summer 2004, Ultra Mayhem Org was the seed of Ultra Mayhem was implanted long before. First signs of an organized Ultra Mayhem were seen back in 1998 when a bunch of Metalheads joined forces to 'mayhemize' the heavy metal scene under the name RGB. In 2004 they reformed as Ultra Mayhem organization, a metal band which desired to refine the core of metal and build a new standard for modern heavy metal by doing things the way others dare not to.

Ultra Mayhem Org (now with a shortened name) released their first promo EP, Excuses to Start a War, in autumn 2004; it received exciting reviews in Finnish heavy metal media. After that, there was some changes in the organizational structure including their name by dropping the 'Org' component and some members.

Ultra Mayhem, now using an even shorter version of their name, would then release a single in 2006 titled Ultra Mayhem - Symposium on March 31st, and it's sequel Ultra Mayhem - Symposium II on May 31st that same year under the membership of KillHill (bass), Vlad Tepez (vocals), Johnny Stoner (guitars), Ron Autero (keyboards/vocals) and Miquel De La Muerte (drums) under the influences of Faith No More, System of a Down, Pantera, Dimmu Borgir and Slayer.

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Toby Stoner (bass) and Tad Turmoil (drums) took over after the Jeremiad full-length release in 2007.

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