The Crown


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The Crown (1990-2004, 2009-present): a Thrash Metal band from Trollhättan, Sweden.


he band was originally formed back in 1990 as a primitive garage act under the name Crown Of Thorns. In 1992 they made their first public appearance on a local compilation CD. In 1993 the band recorded the now infamous Forever Heaven Gone demo featuring a dark & brutal sound.

Shortly hereafter original guitarist Robert Österberg left the band to be replaced by Marcus Sunesson, just before the recording of their second demo Forget The Light (1994). The band now displayed themselves as better songwriters and musicians and the result was a very brutal and intense performance of death metal but with a more melody to it, successfully mixing the American and Scandinavian styles. Landing a deal with the new Swedish Metal label 'Black Sun Records', the debut The Burning (1995) featuring songs from both the demos alongside some new material, followed. A video followed for the track Of Good and Evil, and the band was also featured on the Slaytanic Slaughter tribute album to Slayer with their version of Mandatory Suicide.

In 1996 Crown Of Thorns once again entered the studio to record their second album entitled Eternal Death, an album of more focus and featuring a version of their 1991 garage cult-classic Kill (The Priest), along with another video this time for Angels Die.

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In July 1997 the band was forced to cut their name short to just The Crown, due to pressures made by a Christian Glam-Pop outfit using the same name. Another song, The Poison, was then recorded for a compilation album from 'Wicked World Records', along with a cover of the Sepultura hymn Arise on the Sepultural Feast tribute album.

In January/February of 1998 members of 'Metal Blade' saw The Crown during a show and they subsequently signed the act to the deal with their new album Hell is Here resulting soon after.

The 4th album entitled Deathrace King (1999) would follow; the recording session also featuring guest vocal performances from Tomas Lindberg (ex-At The Gates) and Mika Luttinen (of Impaled Nazarene).

In early 2001 singer Johan Lindstrand decided to leave with Tomas Lindberg being recruited as the new full time singer. After summer festivals in 2001 their 5th album Crowned In Terror would arrive for release in April of 2002. But after their US tour with Darkest Hour, and while at a gig in Stockholm Lindberg was kicked out of the band, in fairness he apparently wasn't happy and was soon to announce the move himself. Original vocalist Johan Lindstrand returned to fill in that summer for the remaining gigs that had been booked and by the end of it he had become a permanent fixture in the act again, putting the act back to its original line-up.

The follow-up album, Possessed 13 (2003), featured 13 tracks attempting to sum up their entire 13 year career styles in one shot; the artwork was made by Locust Constructions, the people responsible for the infamous 'Crenom' design. Crowned Unholy (2004), a re-release, followed posthumously in 2004 for the band suddenly announced their split.

Between 2008 and 2009 the act would reform as Dobermann before returning in 2009 as The Crown with the same line-up, except Johan Lindstrand on vocals to release Doomsday King (2010), Death Is Not Dead (2015) with Robin Sörqvist assuming lead guitars, and Henrik Axelsson assuming drums for Cobra Speed Venom (2018), Zombiefied! EP (2018) and Royal Destroyer (2021).

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The Crown
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Dashboard for The Crown

Nation Sweden
Location Trollhättan
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1990-2004, 2009-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 1289

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The Crown
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